Nokia 7.2 software solutions

Dear Nokia you are killing nokia 7.2 phone day by day because after andi 10 update it became most buggy phone of the year 1.

Nokia 7.2 software solutions

mama mama
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Dear Nokia you are killing nokia 7.2 phone day by day because after andi 10 update it became most buggy phone of the year

1. During using dual sim standby with data connectivity notification bar lagging badly.

2. When unlocking is doing during dual sim standby with data connectivity screen is going to black for 3-4 sec

3. sometimes touch is not working and it needs to lock and then unlock and working properly,

4. If data connectivity is there and trying to delete photos and videos it's taking toooooooo much time to delete.

This are all for software problem because I already visited to service center they are telling it's happening with nokia 7.2 users and its true I saw 4 nokia 7.2 users who were in service center for solution, facing same problem

Will you give any solution update or we have to move to other brands answer me because apple iphone xr is available at just rs : 35999/-

Don't try to delete it will not good for you.....


  • Vishnu18 Vishnu18
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    Hey mama,

    It's sad that you are also a customer of this worst Nokia 7.2

    Me being a fan of Nokia over the years bought this device and was totally left with laggish and worst experience...

    After 3 months from purchase and after numerous attempts to solve this problem seen lots and lots of threads on Nokia community and came into a opinion that it won't serve our purpose

    So on the month of September I sold my Nokia 7.2 for a sum of 10k (bought it for 18k (6,64gb)

    By adding 5k to it (also lots of scoldings from my parents)

    I bought poco M2 pro for 15k

    It's a damn good phone for 15k

    Long time battery,33w,good rear cam,720g and what not

    I suggest you to buy another device as soon as possible

    Also my father bought Nokia 4.2 it has no problems at all

    Even pubg lite runs on it....

    So this specific 7.2 has some issue that can't be rectified using warranty

    So just do it.....

  • Thanks for the information keep sharing such informative post keep suggesting such post.


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