Ring mode after every icoming call

Hello, i have this problem with my Nokia 7.2 with Android 10 and all availabile updates - Every time someone calls me (No matter if i answer the phone or not) my phone changes from vibrate/silent mode to ring mode, jsut like that. This is very disturbing and i am having this problem about half a year now (not sure exactly), but when i get this phone this was not happening.

Any suggestion what to do? I have newest updates and even tried to factory reset the phone.



  • @Drunkoslav okay now that's ridiculous. Does it happen with only specific contacts or it happens with everyone trying to call you. I don't know what to say but Maybe you are the only one with this issue.

    Can you post a video? that way we can have a idea about what's going on.

    Try this-

    Put you phone in silent and call from different mobile (2 or 3 devices) (MAKE SURE DND IS OFF coz there is a option saying allow call from specific people or allow call when someone call 2nd time in some minutes)

  • Note, as i ddin't specify this - When i get call, my phone is not ringing, it's vibrating/silent (dependind on mode) but AFTER i answer phone or miss it, there is a ring mode set. I see the ring in the volume settings and getting sound notifications from apps.

    I will make video as you suggest and post it later.


  • Here is a video as i promised.

    Vibrate -> First caller -> Ring mode -> Silentr -> Second caller -> Ring mode

  • @Drunkoslav Bro, I am sorry I can't help you, even I don't know how all of this is happening.

    Try restarting your device if this doesn't work.

    you can reset the device and see whether it fixes the issue or not.

    or Go to Nokia care maybe they can help you out.

  • this is Feb 2021, I am running with the latest software updates in my Nokia 7.2, Just confirming that I also have the same issues with my device. It puts my phone off-silent on an incoming call.

    I reached out to the support team, and they asked me to clear cache of a couple of system UI apps (WHICH DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE), then then suggested to do a reboot and then tried to kill me with a HARD RESET.

    I don't understand that how irresponsible and useless can be a support team!!!

    they don't have any idea what we are talking about, where the addressed issue should go to (the responsible dev teams) and if is possible to fix in the coming software update...

    They just don't talk about the solution aligning with any problem.

  • a sad bad problem for a modern phone is not to ring. People seem to use the phone for anything but to call??? Return the phone to vendor, this problem is known and therefore the device was buggy/useless from beginning on. You did nothing work, its NOKIA. They (meaning the vendor) has to refund the phone Thats called GEWÄHRLEISTUNG in german and is regulated by law, not to be confused with a guarantee made by the producer.

  • Hi, since a year or so. My mothers Nokia 6.2 has the same problem. Additional to that, the androids standard phone app didn't pop up, so she just See's a missed call in the notifications bar. Did a hard reset help you?