Your favourite Nokia Phones Community moment

Hi y’all This week is THE week – two years ago we launched the new community forum.

Your favourite Nokia Phones Community moment

HMDLaura HMDLaura
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Hi y’all

This week is THE week – two years ago we launched the new community forum. In our first celebration post we looked at some stats, today we want to be a bit nostalgic and look back at some fond moments of the community.

When looking at the stats here the very first welcome thread created by Mr. Juho Sarvikas himself is still the most commented thread, followed by the World Photography Day 2019, which is honestly still one of our favourite threads in the community. We loved the passion our Nokia Phones family showed for this contest and all the wonderful entries we received, and of course all the positivity and support you all showed for each other. In general, it makes us very happy to see how the Nokia Phones Community tries to support each other within the community. Fact is it is a peer to peer community and it lives from the participation of the users and we are super thankful that you are so supportive to each other. While being aware that not everything is perfect in the community we are grateful to have you around and that you stick with us. We look forward to the next years 😀.  

Now we want to know, what is your favourite experience or moment in the community? Who are your favourite peeps around? What do you like most about being part of the Nokia Phones Community? What changes would you like to see?

Happy 2nd Community anniversary to all of you!

Best regards,



  • amaljoe amaljoe
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    Got to know so many good people from all over the world. That is what I liked most about being part of the Nokia Phones Community. 😃

  • Vasilis K. Vasilis K.
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    Congrats on your 2nd anniversary. You want to know what I like most in this community? The fact that users rarely ever get a reply from official Nokia staff to their posts. Especially when reporting bugs. Users just trying desperately to help each other, while there's no resposne from Nokia. Take a look at my profiles posts, and you'll see almost all of them have zero replies from staff. Sorry, but this is more like a "have fun" forum of the users, rather than a serious support community.

    So, go and get a nice example of serious support from companies like Xiaomi (was my previous phone) etc, and make this a real support community, rather than posting all the time threads about how happy and joyfull you are about this beautiful community!

  • T.F.H T.F.H
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    Nokia very bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad ...


    I just boughT NOKIA 6 I really like it why you guys do not do another 5.5 why not

  • GarlicBread GarlicBread
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    I like it here

  • Jomar Colot Jomar Colot
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    I am starting my new job as a Delivery Personnel outside of Samsung but

    Its about transporting Samsung Products.

    Is it okay?

  • Jomar Colot Jomar Colot
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    I look forward to comparing standards when I get to experience it.

    ✭✭✭  / 

    I am happy to see you back /😌😌. Also happy you remembered me😍

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    the ever-funny (and cheeky verging on naughty)

    I'll happily take that @madbilly thank you.

  • Lior Levi Lior Levi
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    SINGHNSK you my favorite user in Nokia Community.

    I realy respect and love you.

    I hope you will stay here forever.

  • martin.fd martin.fd
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    Hello everyone,

    nice idea to review who has accompanied you in these (almost - I'm with you since December 2018) two years Nokia = Android, at least for me (before that Windows Phone or mobile).

    With my Nokia 8 (which still works without any complaints and acts as a backup device) that was/is almost a kind of love-hate relationship - what did we discuss about failed Android updates, missing fingerprints, not working compass and the long promised and never redeemed update of the camera app.A lot of users participated, among others (in alphabetical order without rating 😉):

    @abecedario, @jdan, @madbilly, @marsic, @MrBelter, @petrus, @singhnsk, @user389

    some of which I would like to mention in particular:

    @jdan with a big thank you for his Nokia 8 camera website,

    @user389 (Hans) for fruitful discussions about GPS specifications and Danish port villages

    and especially warmly

    @madbilly, who somehow always was there obliging and nice and helpful and

    @MrBelter (John) as "sparring partner" in photography and very nice "link" in UK and chat partner in the lockdown thread.

    And last but not least, of course, @HMDLaura, who had to "pull the potatoes out of the fire" for Nokia/HMD again and again and does/did a good job in that 😍

  • Chethan0210 Chethan0210
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    Thank you @thanoofnaina

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    I came to this forum as a proud owner of a shiny new Nokia 8, sadly that failed so i replaced it with a Nokia 8.1 which was at some point handed to my wife to replace the Nokia 8 i had bought her and was going wonky. Sadly the Nokia 8.1 failed in lockdown so we had to move on to pastures new because it was clear it wasn't going to get a repair anytime soon (no ones fault obviously). To my surprise the Nokia 8.1 was replaced with another Nokia 8.1 a few months later and even though it has now become a spare phone i am glad it is back in my possession because despite going though many android phones over the last 10 years the Nokia 8.1 is my favourite phone of the lot, it is the perfect size and the build quality feels just wonderful in the hand.

    @martin.fd and @madbilly feel like my long term companions on here thanks to the lockdown thread and it feels a bit like we have been though the wringer together, we have talked about all sorts of cobblers which is good for the soul in these dark and testing times.

    @markw49 has the patience of a saint.

    @GTR12 is/was funny but seems to have been modded in to oblivion sadly.

    @Kartik Gada and @singhnsk seem omnipresent and ever helpful as well so that can only be a good thing.

  • Ajit G. Mori Ajit G. Mori
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    Congratulation to community forum for 2nd anniversary & best regards

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  • Bharath KB Bharath KB
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    Hi everyone , congratulations for the guys celebrating the completion of 2 years in Nokia community . I'm a late guy to the community and in due to complete the 2nd year in community.

    First of all my special moment is My Beast Nokia 5.1 Plus and every moment I have entered the community is a special one . To be frank all the 80 Agrees, 281 likes and 18 LOLs which I garnered in the meantime had encouraged me to step up to give the best possible answer to the issue which I came accross or if I know the solution for it. And regarding my spams and disagrees that I got sculpted me to an extent.

    Thanks @singhnsk for mentioning me in your list of users.

    And @madbilly was the first one to encourage me when I started to post my response in this community.

    The list will go like a train if everyone wants to give their compliment for the celebration.

    And atlast , for me what will be the evenmore special moment is that to push My beast Nokia 5.1 Plus to its end (maybe another 4 to 5 years ), I wish it should bare with me .

    Thank you folks 😊


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