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When will i receive my nokia 6.1plus


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  • They should deliver pre-orders devices to the customers first.
  • Sunny Sunny
    Hey guys, like most of you..I haven't received any update on my order. Though I ordered on 21st. The screenshot shared by Ankit shows the stocks are in Kundli, Sonipat... which is near to Delhi. The deliveries in NCR should not take more than a day from this location.
  • Its the fault of Delhivery Couriers . No faith in them. But ultimately Nokias image will suffer

  • I also got no update about delivery and how many days will take delivery?

  • Did anyone receive any updates from Nokia ?

    Aniket bro .. what about your's device delivery!!
  • I have ordered yesterday on 30th of august around 1pm and I have got an email which says today at 6pm which says we have received your order #25954
  • Finally i received my Nokia 6x. guys i am sooooo exited to open it
  • And thanks to HMD Nokia who made such wonderful phone for us hope this will rock my life  .. and thanks to Delhivery too
  • Enjoy man and ...   No thanks to Delhivery

  • i got my black beauty today at 4.45pm order number 24... will open it

  • I got it on Saturday.
  • If anyone doesn't receive their device. I suggest wait because of due to weather conditions and courier is not updating.. the status.
  • Nokia should've used reputed courier service.

  • user1522478246513 user1522478246513
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    finally received parcel yesterday. Its amazing.

  • hello guys , I got my parcel so happy and excited.Thanks a lot Nokia HMD.

  • user1535523678754 tell me ur order id

  • krishnan g krishnan g
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    yes get from Flipkart;

    i got damaged mobile my order number 14866;got delivery at 2-9-2018 still no reply for my complaint

  • Packia Packia
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    I have ordered on 1st sep. My order number is 27***. I haven’t received any shipment details yet.
  • @packia
    Same here buddy..worst service ever...we are the only one (271**) series ...jinko kuch v nehi Mila Abhi tak
  • There are many costomers whom have ordered on earlier then you guys.

    Wait you ll receive mail regarding your shipments.

    There is faulty from courier service.
  • Bithin Bithin
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    @dhruv NOKIA's fault...they even not trying to ship our devices
  • Why is the delivery late for the product when the delivery messaged is already provided to me. Also there is a delay in the delivery . Why don't u people update the status of the order proper in time. This is something very inappropriate and ir responsible behaviour from Nokia .
  • Have you all received the device now??

  • how long did it take?

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