November Security Update - Problems solved?

Hey Nokia 2.1 users, I just got the notification for the November Security Update, and I'm not sure if I should install it.

November Security Update - Problems solved?

Hey Nokia 2.1 users,

I just got the notification for the November Security Update, and I'm not sure if I should install it.

The last update (Android 10) caused massive lag problems, the phone seemed to be running some strange background services, because the developer setting to "max. 2 background processes" almost fixed the problem. However, it is still not as fast as on Android 9.

Has anyone already installed the update?

Is the phone faster after it?

Or maybe even worse?



  • Iniobong885 Iniobong885
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    Yes i have updated it to the November security patch. But am yet to experience any problems after the update.

  • No improvement here. YouTube still freezes occasionally. Chrome too. The phone takes a good 5-10 seconds to show the call screen whenever somebody calls (WhatsApp & normal calls). Swapping between Wi-Fi and mobile data still causes slowdown. System UI still shows not responding occasionally. I used to be able to emulate PS1 games and listen to music in the background simultaneously with no issues on Pie. Now launching a game causes the phone to freeze for 5 minutes or so (unless I force restart out of impatience). The Camera app still takes about a minute to fully load before I can actually take a photo. I figured they'd release a patch this month to fix the performance issues. They released a patch for the Nokia 1 a while back to update to a newer build of Android 10 Go which supposedly improved stability. Kinda sucks that the next update will only arrive in February 2021 😓. Who says they'll even address the issues by then.

    I am going to try to factory reset my phone in a few days. Hopefully that'll fix things.

  • May77 May77
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    My phone heats up very fast when I open some apps, 
    after that a terrible lag that I can't even turn it off. 
    i will definitely downgrade, hello again android 9


  • Wow, that's awful. Mine never was that bad.

    I changed 2 developer settings to make it usable: "Game driver" off (doesn't change anything) and background processes to max. 2 (you won't notice that either in most cases, but you can only switch between 2 apps at a time)

    It's now almost as fast as on Pie, there's just occasional small lag moments (like it sometimes takes a few seconds to load the home screen, but it's usually fine)

    Hope this helps you

  • I already have game driver turned off. When I noticed how awful the performance was after the update, I disabled as much as possible. I removed most of my apps (all I use is YouTube, WhatsApp and Chrome), I restricted background usage of most apps, disabled the Always-on display. I don't even use my SD card as internal anymore (something I used with no issues on Pie).

    I'm definitely going to do a factory reset. I used to enjoy using this phone. It was really snappy despite only having 1Gb RAM and a quad core CPU. A lot of people are blaming the hardware for the lags, but they're forgetting that Nokia literally has 3 other devices with similar hardware that runs Android 10 Go. Nobody's really complaining there.

  • This update is just crazy. Apparently some units function fine, as mine does (almost). That's probably the reason why they didn't notice the problems while developing this build. I'm just happy and surprised that mine is mostly usable, even though I use lots of apps and almost all the internal storage.

    Good luck with that factory reset, hope it'll work as good as mine afterwards.

  • Update on the factory reset - it's basically the same. It's still freezing. Re-installed most of my apps and it's still hanging at certain stages. It even hung a bit during the device setup when trying to load the keyboard. Still getting the System UI is not responding dialog. Youtube still freezes. Even Google Play Store stopped responding while I was re-installing some apps. They clearly nerfed this Android build for this phone. Next phone is definitely Samsung. Their A-series is much more impressive than Nokia's whole line-up. They might have more bloat and customizations but at least it's more polished and ironed out.

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