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A message from Sanmeet Kochhar

Hello Fans, We are super excited to announce the Nokia 2.4 is now available in India!

A message from Sanmeet Kochhar

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Hello Fans,

We are super excited to announce the Nokia 2.4 is now available in India!

Here’s Sanmeet Kochhar, the head of the India and Middle East and North Africa business for HMD Global, introducing the new Nokia 2.4, the thought that went behind creating it, and how it is a smartphone you can trust.

Watch the video here:

Want to know more? Click here to check out the Nokia 2.4 on the Nokia phones store. 

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  • Andoh Andoh
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    I have it on Ghana, but no security updates. Still on August

  • First thing nokia need is costumers trust and trend

    Nokia is counted as outdated phone

    Nokia should first launch

    Entry level phone so thay people can trust the brand ( battery life, camera etc)


    2gb ram, 32 gb rom

    Singel camera but good facelock and battery life

    300₹ for brand name( anyone can buy the same phone for 6000₹)

  • Dear Sir

    I hear Nokia 225 4G is launched, I want Wi-Fi support however missing in this model. This is available in feature phones like Nokia 8000 4G, and Nokia 6300 4G. Please let me know when these will be available in India. ?

    Thanks and Regards. Yogesh K. Vermani (9914425402)

  • Hi team

    I was super excited and pre ordered nokia 2.4 in nokia.com website. The shopping experience was good and they joy of getting a new phone was perfect.

    But the delivery partner ecom express ruined everything. Pathetic service. No one's knows the exact date of delivery. You try talking to the courier customer support they speak like robots " pls wait 24 to 48 hours".

    I reached out to know your customer care via email and surprisingly they also have no clue on when will my product reach me.

    Such a big brand but have tied up with the pathetic delivery partner definitely Nokia should look into it this.

    We are in a new era of online shopping. Your product reaches you next day. But here it took 10 days. Was lying in Chennai for two days, god knows for what.

    (The above screenshot is to show how slow things were moving)

    What ever you do you will not be able to get any answer from the courier customer care guys. Frustating and pathetic service.

    I hope some top management guys reads my post and take some steps

    My order number for your reference 146696 ordered via nokia.com.

    Guess what, the nokia.com order page is even more worse. There is no update on the status. This screen shot is taken today (9-dec-2020/1:29pm)

    Please stop your online selling, it makes no sense to customer in this eCommerce era we are consuming top class service from Big giants like Amazon or a small grocery store in my area they have better order tracking system and updates.

    NOTE: my packet is delivered on 8th Dec, after a long chase with the courier guys. Nokia site is still updating my order status. Wonderful !! keep it up.


    Shafi Mohamed


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