GPS not working after November MR patch

Got the patch yesterday evening. Unable to use GPS now. Finds the approximate location when stationary, but unable to navigate when riding a car.

GPS not working after November MR patch

user1515000494648 user1515000494648
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Got the patch yesterday evening. Unable to use GPS now. Finds the approximate location when stationary, but unable to navigate when riding a car.

Anyone else having this, any idea how to resolve?

So far, tried clearing cache, rebooting, different navigation apps. Nothing works.


  • Joost Joost
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    Can't reproduce that. Turn by turn navigation in Google maps works, and other apps that use device location also work.

    What kind of navigation app are you using? Does it have its rights to access your location properly set?

    And last but not least:

    Is "Location" services set to "on" if you swipe down your quick access menu?

  • Jimmy Khor Jimmy Khor
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    I've found another solution that is to turn off Wifi Scanning instead of turning off Google Location Accuracy.

    'Edit' sadly it works for a while only.😔

  • Joost Joost
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    Check, tried today while driving. Getting indeed error "Can't find GPS (satellites)", or something like it 😔

  • So I tried again just now, and seems the thing fixed itself. Didn't do anything since the last post. Don't know what the heck happened. Hopefully it'll stay that way though. Thanks everyone

  • Morsy Hamdy Morsy Hamdy
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    i have same issue here after installing update Nokia 7.2 any one know why and solutions please

  • frtz frtz
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    I have the same problems since the last update. And I tried every solution I could find.

    Sometimes it workes for a few seconds and them it stops.

    Is it something official about this?

  • Hi guys, Is any one facing GPS issue while navigation?

    After November update, I am facing issue with navigation. Each time I use Google maps, Waze or Here gps signal is lost.

    Even after factory reset , problem did not solve.

  • User10001 User10001
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    Hello, I have the same issue. After Nov 1 Android security update none of the apps get gps location. I tried with GPS fix app and even though it finds satellites and makes a fix both Waze and Google Maps are not getting the gps location. I tried to delete the cache and storage even of Fusedlocation app in system apps, but did not help. Some gps apps do give location, but it is not communicated to other apps. I understand navigation apps do not access directly the GPS data but do get location information from FusedLocation. HMD / Nokia should address the issue as it takes out a big part of the phone functionality. However my hopes are not high that they would even look in to this.

  • KumarShiv KumarShiv
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    i am also facing the same issue after update.

  • User10001 User10001
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    Hello, seems to be a problem that is now widely affecting users of Nokia 7.2. I have tried all advices given so far without any result. GPS fix and some other apps find satellites quickly and does fix on them so phone gps is definitely working. So this is a software / phone internal communication issue and something that is related to the latest android security patch that focused on privacy issues. Too bad this discussion forum is only observed by users and HMD / Nokia is not observing it to provide solutions. Samsung phones start to look pretty good now.

  • Have same issue , I don't use maps offtenly , but yesterday I used the map once the care move gps signal is lost , I even tried apps to check gps and all apps where unable to get a lock , I thought it was a hard ware issue ,but after reading this thread , I am sure it's related to an update , wtf nokia , I even bought a new phone

  • User10001 User10001
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    Hello, has anybody found any solution to this? I have made factory reset of the phone but without any improvement. Anybody have new ideas?

  • Sinopoli Sinopoli
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    Tried some of the ideas above to fix it. Nothing is working., a real shame as I use my maps daily for work. Hopefully they push an update through fast, if not have to consider changing handsets. 😕

  • frtz frtz
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    Turning off Google Location Accuracy seems to work for now

  • After an update GPS does not work, tryed with Google maps, Waze, Here WeGo, Reset and hard reset doesn't change anything.

  • PetteriKi PetteriKi
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    Am having the same issue since weekend... Was already about to send the 7.2 for service. Luckily found this post. I will wait for an update. Thanks everyone. 🗺️🌏️🗺️🌏️


  • Turning off Google Location Accuracy worked for me, Nokia 7.2.

  • ritzar ritzar
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    It is a minor bug that affects the AGPS functionality under 4G networks, where the positioning is given by the base stations.

    Yes, a workaround is to disable Google location accuracy under Location - advanced -Google location accuracy toggle off.

    ..Or set max network at 3G. (not practical)

    Also worth a try (as reported by some users), Is to delete the cache and storage of the location services system app. Addiionally clearing the cahce and data from the Carrier Service. Soft reset.

  • dm1 dm1
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    Thanks @ritzar for the trick to switch back to 3G (disabling location accuracy did not work in my case... tried all combinations)!

    Nokia 6.2 is impacted also by this "minor bug".

    I did try all possible tricks and reset many things before to find that thread.

    It would deserve a communication to customers... let's say for example inside the HMD "MyPhone" app for instance, it would make a bit more useful.

    Rebooting, reseting to factory, reset with GPStest... is so fun :(

  • Marcosss Marcosss
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    Issues with posting here.

    Dec 3 2020 after a recent OS update my GPS stopped working.

    I tried everything in the thread to fix the issue, I also contacted Nokia online assistance & went through a bunch of assorted resets. Nothing worked.

    So, I took the sim out of my 7.2 & put it in my old 7.1.

    I updated all of my apps & OS on the 7.1 & it is rock solid.

    On my way to the gym, I thought I'd take the 7.2 just in case my workout app had not updated.

    On the way to the gym I turned on the navigation on the 7.2 just to see if it worked, to my surprise it worked perfectly.

    Happy that this was the case I put the sim back in the 7.2, as soon as I did that, no GPS.

    I informed Nokia that this had happened, they said put another sim in the phone & see what happens.

    I put a spare data sim that I had & it did the same thing, the moment it went in, it killed the GPS, took it out, GPS was working again.

    I have reported this in detail to Nokia along with screen shots of the app GPS test with & without sim.

    They advised that I should wait for the next update from Nokia, they had no idea when that will be.

    Meanwhile, if your having issues with the GPS on your 7.2 try removing the sim then run either GPS test or a Navigation app

    The app I used to test the GPS is called GPS Status

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    Yeah, mine isn't working either since Wednesday.

  • Same here, very annoying!

  • Stephan127 Stephan127
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    I'm a GPS power user and I have exactly the same problem after the Update.

    Fortunately I have another old smartphone (not Nokia) that I always take as spare with me when out in the woods, which worked as expected!

    Back at home, I tried several things, by using the GPS Test app.

    What worked for me was to put the phone in airplane mode. This hack of course is only a workaround!

    I really hope Nokia brings out a fix ASAP!

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