Roll out an update for recent 4G feature phones

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Recently I bought a Nokia 215 4G and I was surprised to see that S30+ has actually degraded in this phone. This phone is extremely annoying to use. Why has HMD removed the features that were added by Microsoft in S30+ platform? For eg. S30+ phones from MS supported both .vxp and .jar apps but this new 215 4g doesn't support anyone of them and there are many such cases with HMD's S30+.

👉Here is the list of changes/updates that I want to see in Nokia 215 4G.

1. An option to close the dictionary while typing.

2. No automatic lock on pressing end button.

3. Opera Mini 8 and youtube support. ( Earlier S30+ phones have it)

4. Option to remove useless apps from home page. (eg Facebook)

5. Add Glance screen support like earlier S30+ phones.

6. Add J2ME support if possible.

P.S.- Nokia 215 4G has capability to receive OTA updates that's why I am hopeful that HMD will provide an update fixing the issues mentioned above.



  • I thought that newer 4G phones are using an o.s. more "similar" to the 220 4G "feature os" than the real S30+, that I suppose has always (almost) appeared for 2G models with a specific brand processor into them.

    Anyway I suspect this might be (or not, just an opinion) the reason why some phones has different features because I imagine the system on a chip inside might be changed and for every feature phones since ever the o.s. running on them is often strictly connected to them and sometimes I'd imagine only the "GUI" is similar for different hardware cause it might not be easy to adapt the same o.s./features for a different processors and for example the latest 105 2019 model seems to differs from the 2017 3th version in some aspects (at least in early firmware version).

    About java apps on phones, the app were often limited even back in the S40 days, beside the only one that gave most phones a well known web browsing possibility even if it's a server based one. About the youtube part I don't know what's happening but I found lately older phones that sure worked until few months ago with their usual old .3GP encoded version and old RealPlayer S60 app, strangely doesn't work anymore. It'd be interesting to test/know if 216 or 220 4G models owners can still play online videos or those low resolution encoded versions on their server side might (or not) slowly being left in the future, who knows. Anyway before or later I'd imagine it might happen.

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    Yeah, being able to remove icons for crappy apps would be great. I.e. facebook (great on computer but some of us want a break from that when away from keyboard) and frankly facebooking on feature phone is pretty silly. Then thanks for offering to buy those games but please let us be able to remove those icons cluttering the screen and causing confusion.