IPS display and Feature Phones

When ultimately IPS (In-Plane Switching) LCD are come to Feature Phones?

IPS display and Feature Phones

Philip_05 Philip_05
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When ultimately IPS (In-Plane Switching) LCD are come to Feature Phones? IPS advantage is accurate colour from all viewing angles (better quality colour reproduction).


  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Personally, I would really like to see E-Ink displays on feature phones like the Nokia 105 and 110. This makes the budget phones more practical to use. :)

    This would save a lot of battery and make the display easily readable even in bright sunlight. 😃

    For high end feature phones like the Nokia 8000 4G, Nokia 800 Tough, etc HMD should think of using IPS LCD's which will go well with their premium pricing too. :)

  • Philip_05 Philip_05
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    E-ink feature phone, hmmm...something like Mudita Pure https://mudita.com/products/pure/

    I remember some of Philips Xenium feature phones had IPS displays, also cheap phones. I think IPS displays are today not expensive

  • f82 f82
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    Good ideas for imagining a future new line of feature phones where some might have low end (but different tech) screens and others high end ones.

    E-Ink displays would be good for the battery but maybe not easy to find on the market with the usual screen size and also costs might not be light too. At that point for a lowest end sector I'd prefer something like a 2.x inch monochrome reflective display that would give "similar" low power benefits with front/back light off but more common on the market. Some company seems to still build a similar 3310 reflective display (for Arduino projects for example). Someone might think if anyone would accept a monochrome screen phone in the 2020/2021? For the lowest end sector I think it might have been a good move if they did a real 3310 or like a 1110i or 1200 model clone maybe updating the network compatibility for future usage with the cheapest 4G SoC chip ICs and a low level coded o.s. like the ones on a internet modem usb keys for example that often have low speed cpus and low end specs but still getting 3G/4G compatibility.

    Instead for an high end feature phone, I think to remember existed even some high end ones in the past having not only transflective more expensive screen but also OLED ones with S40 o.s. and sure an OLED screen on a feature phone would be nice even in the sector of the 215/220/225-4G models. Also as the 3310 3G others could use polarizer filters and high brightness IPS screens for example.

    There could be many ideas for a complete new line of feature phone even if the target market might be limited I understand.

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