Please don't adopt AMOLED screen.

AMOLED still has burn-in problem. I don't wanna see yellowed dirty screen when I entered white page. And LG's POLED is even worse.

Please don't adopt AMOLED screen.

Cass Helen Cass Helen
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AMOLED still has burn-in problem. I don't wanna see yellowed dirty screen when I entered white page. And LG's POLED is even worse. Their POLED screen has uneven color problem. And also, flickering is an important issue. That make eyes much tired. On top of that, curved edge design is weaker than flat design. Durability is one of nokia's advantage, right? I hope nokia take the right decision.


  • madbilly madbilly
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    The AMOLED screen on my 2010 Nokia N8 doesn't have a burn in issue. Nor does the AMOLED screen on my 2013 Lumia 925. If Nokia select the correct display, coating, glass and software then there won't be a problem.

  • Cass Helen Cass Helen
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    Well, how about doubt yourself could discern white from other color?

  • madbilly madbilly
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    Good point, maybe I can't tell white from yellow. However, as you said, the burn in would be uneven, and I don't see any uneven colour on my N8 or Lumia 925. I'm not colour-blind, which means I should be able to see the discolouration if it exists.

    Other phone models may be different, but I'm confident that my phones have not suffered which means that when correctly designed and manufactured AMOLED has no burn-in issues.

  • mobilecr mobilecr
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    my nokia lumia lumia 930...all of them have AMOLED screens and are still going signs of burnt spots..degradation in color...etc....the main thing for HMD is to select and invest in the best screen provider available with regards to OLED...AMOLED..POLED in the past did make the right choice with their suppliers...and that is the reason why its devices never disappointed customers...

  • İ used Lumia 925 4 years with full brightness and white background and bright colors and pixels didn't burned out, at least the colors didn't changed( I was able to see the ie url line at the grey background with full brightness but in daily using you wouldn't noticed that.
    İt's the display quality that matters not the screen type.
    Nokia 8 has very bad battery life just because of the LCD display and it has that color balance problem (it has a blue tone )
    But I don't want lgs poled display either; you can notice the color balance problem at the edges of the Nokia 8 sirocco.
    Samsung making very good displays so it might be a good idea to knock an old friends door
  • Cass Helen Cass Helen

    뭘 좀 알고 떠들어 제발...
    얘들아, AMOLED에 번인 문제가 없으면 대체 삼성이 왜 주기적으로 재료랑 공정을 개선하겠어?

    왜 플리커링을 넣고 왜 도트단위로 문자가 움직이게 해놓겠어?

    색을 구별할 눈이 없으면 말을 알아들을 이해력이라도 있어야지... 

    모르면 닥치고 검색이라도 좀 해봐...

    이번에 시로코는 POLED 들어갔다며... 헬지가 V30에서 헛웃음나는 색상 불균일을 보여줬는데도 그걸 꼭 넣어야만 했니?

    에휴 노키아야 니들은 폰 말고도 뭐 돈줄은 있을테니까 소니나 헬지처럼 열심히 꼴아박으면 될것같네. 힘내!

  • madbilly madbilly
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    Writing it in non-English doesn't stop us being able to understand what you're writing, there are plenty of online translation tools. Constantly questioning our eyesight also isn't going to earn your opinions any more respect.

    On your "polite" suggestion I've "done some searching" and I see that OLED screens can have burn in problems. So, we're not saying that you're wrong, but we've not experienced burn-in despite using several phones with AMOLED screens. Personally, I expect HMD only use any OLED technology if they are confident there will be no burn-in (or other) issues, at least within the warranty period. We'll wait and see what happens with the Nokia 8 Sirocco.

    Samung try to make their screens both better and cheaper, hence the fact they keep making improvements - after all, it's a competitive market and other companies also make OLED screens, e.g. LG.

    Cheers :)

  • user1520836539185 user1520836539185
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    İt's all about the display quality both LCD and oled screens has cons and pros however oled has a bigger advantage over LCD it doesn't needs energy as much as LCD does
    About the pixel burnt old amoleds were facing with this problem very frequently; their lifetime was about 16-18 months, I faced with that problem too my old c601s screens colours were changed after 2 years of usage.
    My old Lumias pixels burned after 4 years of usage (100% screen brightness ALWAYS active glance screen VERY bright coloured wallpapers, all of things that causes the pixel burnt )
    Even with the burned pixels I didn't notice any color differences, yes I was able to see burned pixels with grey background but in normal usage (reading a page or watching a movie) I didn't see any kind of color balance problem.
    LCD however has bigger problems.
    First it's totally a battery enemy (compared to AMOLED) and there's stuck and dead pixel problems.
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