Nokia 2.4 issues

I have the Nokia 2.4 & there are problems. At a glance weather keeps disappearing, auto - play video previews is resetting itself back to default - chrome.

Nokia 2.4 issues

I have the Nokia 2.4 & there are problems. At a glance weather keeps disappearing, auto - play video previews is resetting itself back to default - chrome. Fed up with factory resetting the phone. Why is HMD not addressing all Nokia phones issues? Long live iOS.


  • Yeah there are differnet type of issues like i am fed up with this key board as i can't type fast on this phone.

  • Sarah G Sarah G
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    What is auto Play preview.

  • Sarah G Sarah G
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    Weather disappears after sometime if location turned off.

  • Location is set to high accuracy so the weather should be okay. Videos in Chrome keep playing automatically. It's the only faults I've found so far

  • JohnBhoy JohnBhoy
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    Mu Nokia 2.4 only rings once or twice and I am unable to answer calls, can anyone tell me how to extend the ringer time on my phone as it is really F***ing annoying. I have tried all over the internet and it seems to be a problem with loads of Nokia phones. JJUK

  • Ahmad700 Ahmad700
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    Performance Issues while multitasking

    Slow typing experience

    Screen not too good

    Microphone 🎤 not working while calling, or is it network issues hardly care but disappointing

    Camera way too sluggish than the competition in the segment

    The processor installed is way too low end for this device to be crowned the best in the segment.

    Mediatek H22 Vs H80 and G85

    In the segment.

    Gives valuable insight of weak strategy of the company to market this phone to Indian audience.

    Ram also not of higher quality.

    Ram management and software is a major concern for Nokia to throttle in this hoarded Ocean of Value based Companies.

    Nokia you can't beat China with such a poor homework.

    I am an Indian and I have an anti China sentiment.

    After all the months passed, all the R&D was invested in this piece of ****.

    I am embarrassed to be a loyal customer back after 8 years.

  • prince ledi prince ledi
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    My fingerprint stoped working after restart

  • My Nokia 2.4 is slow . Phone calls automatically hanged upwhen I am playing freefire in my phone but in Samsung freefire run at 1 gb ram smoothly when Nokia 2.4 has 2 gb ram There is high ram usage in the Nokia 2.4 Camera app is too high end and it is very slow to open and slow while closing it.Fix it by providing Android 7 or 8. Firmware for the Nokia 2.4 phone. MAKE Smooth scrolling in this phone and please provide low ram consuming Android software for it.

  • vedbond vedbond
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    I had bought this phone hardly a month ago. Just after a week usage, It's screen started flickering with 2 lines and gets Unresponsive during that time. I tried all tricks, including factory reset. Then i had complained in nokia and also did online chatting but of no use. Then atlast I took it to nokia service centre, where I got the shocking news that there are lots of handsets with same complaint and most importantly, these sets are NON REPLACABLE (I came to know that time only, that nokia sells 2 types of handsets), and even though in warranty period it's difficult to repair and also can't replace. So literally, my money is gone it seems. At last they took it for repair, I will update it as soon as I gets the response.

  • Herne Herne
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    Sssssslllllllooooooooooooooowwwwwweeeeeeesssssssttttttt ppphhhhoooonnnnneeee eeeeeevvvvvveeeeeerrrrr!

    If you try to open more than one app the phone freezes, sometimes just opening one app like Spotify, phone freezes.

    Try to answer a call on WhatsApp, phone freezes.

    Try to search on Chrome, phone freezes.

    Absolutely the worst phone I have ever wasted money on!

  • Hello Skyscanner, I have the 2GB variant. I hope Android 11 fixes all issues. I do like my dual SIM model, but it does need an overhaul

  • SkyScanner SkyScanner
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    I was debating getting the 2.4 but got 3.4 and it's rubbish it's a inconsistant bugged out mess!

  • Nokia & Android don't seem to be a good match. Mind you, Android 10 is as much to blame, I'm having problems at every turn!

  • has anyone upgrade their nokia 2.4 to android 11...if yes,is adoptable storage still working?

  • dawran dawran
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    all the issues you described i face with my Nokia 😂 but honestly it's a horrible phone, so cheap but come on! today i had phone appointment with my GP she called three times and each time my Nokia was freezing I codnt pick up. I this is the basic of the phone Dear Nokia!

  • I'm so sick of this POS nokia 2.4 the owner of google and nokia need to get shot

  • Any app update messes something else up. The launcher is crap. These are Nokia phones, not Pixel

  • Just installed the March security patch, now the weather information has disappeared. Absolutely hate the launcher, total rubbish

  • Roda Irungu Roda Irungu
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    No major problems yet with my Nokia 2.4,I just love the battery

  • kolar kolar

    This Nokia 2.4 is totally robish I can't swipe to receive a call

  • Sarah G Sarah G
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    Is screen tries to do automatic touches like screen goes up and down suddenly.. and at that time if keyboard is open, it types automatically also.

  • Since last phone update, I get the message on start up "your phone is corrupted" in able to get past it with just pressing power. It o don't understand how the last update corrupted the phone

  • Onion21 Onion21
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    That is what I have in the UK still on android 10 and June security patch.

  • The freezes whenever you load data ya this phone is the worst

  • It has to be worked upon

  • I've been using Samsung my whole life and I've never regretted anything...When I saw this phone I thought let me change maybe it'll be better. A year later I still regret my decision...

    The RAM isn't high quality...A simple Samsung 2GB RAM never gave me problems like this...but this phone is a "3GB RAM"

    The microphone is very low quality I can't even record an audio. I even sent it to back before the warranty finished...twice. The warranty is almost finished...Now I have to live with it till it dies out???

  • J Nzyoka J Nzyoka
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    My nokia 2.4 is flickering and glitching a lot.i have factory reset and its very lagging.every time i switch on internet its hangs cant receive calls or access my phone for atleast 5minutes

  • Kyros_G Kyros_G
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    My 2.4 has no Wallpaper app lol. Anyone has same issue with me?

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