Comment on my experience with nokia

good evening. it's time for someone to seriously make it clear that nokia's policy is indeed wrong.

Comment on my experience with nokia

FabioFabRob7 FabioFabRob7
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good evening. it's time for someone to seriously make it clear that nokia's policy is indeed wrong. For years I have been waiting for an official release of the bootloaders from Nokia after its update to android oreo and I would like to calmly explain the various problems. Personally at the beginning I was thrilled to have two years of updates from Nokia ... but time passes quickly. I'm Italian and I immediately found the technical characteristics very appealing given the price quality (we were talking about 2017). Now nokia is no longer the one that was reintroduced into the market for the following reasons. 1) the prices of the new devices have risen and I find the relationship between quality, in terms of power, and the price of the components poor and expensive (almost scarcer than the 2017 devices). 2) I am studying to become a repairer of smartphones, tablets and PCs and I am also studying recycling and reconditioning; I believe that one of the biggest problems, especially for young people, is the failure to update the devices. Now I will not go into other brands because it does not seem right to do it here (however, I especially notice nokia that there are devices with many more years of updating and other functions so personally the enthusiasm of having only 2 years of updating is a little dropped). 3) I believe that a policy of other Chinese brands that I do not name give the possibility to unlock the bootloader of all devices of your brand and utilities for flash, giving the possibility to have, in addition to the choice of OS, of spend less and always have up-to-date products without having to throw them away, I hope you care about this step. I remember my xpressmusic 5800: a fantastic devices for the time and unfortunately, in my opinion you are once again wrong strategy. Unfortunately and sorry I will not buy a nokia anymore for the reasons listed above. I repeat again that I believe that the next few years will be difficult for Nokia especially for the sale of smartphones (a slice of users who have had similar experiences will leave in my opinion). Unfortunately I no longer hope in the words spoken by Nokia as several years have passed and the matter has not yet moved. I'm sorry but I will leave your brand next year


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