Problems afters security update

Hi, my nokia 3.1 has been a mess for last few months.

Problems afters security update

Kkushan Kkushan
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Hi, my nokia 3.1 has been a mess for last few months. I visited service center every monday for a month cause it use to get stuck while being on call and won't even restart. Fortunately the service center guys took an hour every monday and formatted my phone and installed new update. But also cautioned me about new security update which was messing with my phone so I haven't installed it. Now sometimes my mom or friends call, i am unable to see their incoming calls nor do i see miss calls. And yes it does get hanged but atleast now it's restarting. Anyone else got here same problem? Any suggestions to deal with this ?


  • What version of Android is your phone running? I would suggest installing the latest security update and if the issue persist then maybe you have a faulty unit.

    You have other options such as flashing a stock rom but that would void your warranty and could brick your phone if you mess up the process.

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