anybody ordered on 29th got any mail regarding shipping????


Avishek D Avishek D
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anybody ordered on 29th got any mail regarding shipping????


  • Yes Im here.

  • Shashank Kaushik Shashank Kaushik
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    @Avishek D,

    bro i booked on the same date but no mail of any feedback for shipping till now.
    I can't understand what's the purpose of pre-booking when they are unable to provide it.
    Flipkart sale is much better than prebboking as those guys are delivering on 3rd or 4th of sep who booked it on flipkart.

  • I got a mail from them this evening, that your order will be fulfilled soon, but there is no indication on shipping.
    but the sale of Flipkart completed in the span of a blink

  • Majid Majid
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    Really sad to prebooked through Nokia should have bought it from Flipkart instead.
  • Even I ordered it on 29th Aug and have not got any mail till now regarding the shipping status of my order. Contrary to what was assured to me this morning by their Chat support representative that the delivery would start today itself.
  • So, any progress in shipment ?

  • Sansei Sansei
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    Welcome Its Delhivery  courier service. Nokia is going to pay for such cheap service with brand image hit.

    I am also awaiting the confirmation or any information. Could not opt any other delivery type or courier Company .

  • I ordered on 21st itself.. And no mail or intimation regarding shipping yet..
  • So you got courier no, so you can track now

  • Abinash Abinash

     Anybody with order no. near 22*** got any update regarding shipment or delivery???

  • update : your order will get fulfilled soon, I don't know what they want to say.

  • The Same problem which i was facing I ordered on 29th aug. I got the mail... That the order will be fullfilled soon. After that no other update. But the people who ordered through flipkart got the mobile within 24 hours.
  • Is there any other way we can approach ?
  • I have pre-booked on 21/08 and received a mail tonight saying "your order will be fulfilled soon".
  • Krishna Krishna
    I have booked on 30 Aug and received a mail yesterday evening saying 'your order will be fulfilled soon'
  • Abinash Abinash

     What was your order no??

  • Really useless of pre order,
    I ordered on 27th, there is still no update about the delivery.

  • Guys, i want to cancel my order. Is it possible to do so???
  • I just received email for order placement and so far there is no conformation for shipping, it's too much frustrating,
    Now I know why Flipkart is so reliable
  • Worst service by nokia. Flipkart has delivered  devices within 24 hours.  If Nokia can't handle delivery part effectively then why don't nokia handover all the devices to flipkart ? No point of making customer wait unnecessarily.

  • So, are we fu**ed up by using preorder and with 16000/- ?, I bought a case also for that.

  • Nokia is big brand guys they do not respect customer's time...

  • anyone received order dispatch/ship mail from nokia ?

  • Yes I ordered on 22nd blue variant and I received mail and msg an hour ago that order is shipped
  • Today i asked to customer support they told me wait for 4-5 days after that your order will dispatch, it means i will get my order around 10 days (10 September...2018)........

    What a JOKE NOKIA....
    ha ha ha ha hah....LOL

    i am thinking to cancel order from nokia site....Flipcart is much better option to purchase mobile.

  • Really it’s very better to cancel the order and get it from flipkart.

    Customer care support tells like it would be delivered within 7days, it’s really irritating.

    What is the use of pre order actually
  • image

    I got the reply from nokia

  • Guys, we are all in the same situation. anyone have any idea how can we proceed? to get our mobiles ?

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