Predictive text

Hello Is predictive text available on my 8100 4G UK English. I cannot figure out how to enable it Thank  John

Predictive text


Is predictive text available on my 8100 4G UK English. I cannot figure out how to enable it




  • Keith Keith
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    Yes. Settings- Personalisation- input Method- Use Predictive - on. Don't forget to set your language at the same time. The trouble with Predictive input is you can't add new words into the dictionary. Will be fixed in a future update.
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    Thank your time Keith, found it. I don't find the menus very easy to use.
  • On predictive text, it would be great if there was an option to quickly swap language.

    And even better a way to mark languages different from primary languages on each contact, so for an SMS it would be in the desired common language.

    The system could even set the initial value for a contact guessing by the country code.

  • Keith Keith
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    That would be nice, but this is a feature phone. Can even Smartphones do what you require? I have never heard of this.
  • Unfortunately I have never seen it as suggested, but it is technically so simple that even the simplest feature phone chipset could handle it. All it requires is to save a language code on each contact.

    Most of us use the same language with the same person, so the feature would be useful all over the world.

    I guess the problem is that developers in general are mono-lingual only, so they do not have the problem.

    BB on my Priv does offers a rather clever feature with predictive text and spell checking with multiple languages at the same time!! Where it from the first characters/words guesses what language you currently want to use, and it even handles merging words from multiple languages in the same text! I use the combo of Danish and (UK) English, and it works like a charm if I in the Danish text uses English words (say a quote or a title) - but of course something like this would be rather advanced to expect from a feature phone.

    ...No surprise that it was BB that did it, as BB was Canadian, and most Canadians are bilingual.

  • Jannis Jannis
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    It's possible. Just long press when you are in a text field the number sign #
  • I got my 8110 4G dual sim yesterday.   I can't get predictive text to work.  I've turned it on in settings/personalisation/input method as described above.    It had no effect whatsoever - still get just prehistoric three-press text input.  I then found the option to do a software update - did the download and (separate) install process for that.    Same result - predictive text NOT enabled.  I've rebooted several times.  Anyone got any ideas?

    It's a shame because I love the features on this phone, but like post people I text more than I call and I can't live with texting from the 1980s.

  • Jannis Jannis
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    You still have to choose it when pressing several times the number sign # if you are in a text field. The question is if you will get happy with it, as at the moment you can't write in capital characters nor add own words.

  • Thanks Jannis.  I now at least have basic predictive text working.

  • Hi guys, has there been any news on when they will fix the predictive text? As some of you have noted, it doesn't capitalise automatically, for example.
  • Also, is there a way to capitalise letters while typing in non-predictive text? It seems to only capitalise after a full stop.
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