Sound while taking screenshot... How to stop it

Nokia 5.3 is the ugliest handset. So many issues i faced and after 3 months uses, service center replaced my handset with new one. I am still facing ugly sound while taking screenshot. I took minimum 25+ screenshot everyday (750+ every month)

Any one have any solution? It's so annoying to hear that sounds all the time, day, night when people sleeping, in the office....

I will never make mistake to buy Nokia handsets again


  • Press the volume up/down button, then press volume symbol at the top until you see " bell" symbol with a line through it, click on this (to make the phone "silent"). Now, when you take a screenshot, it should be silent.

  • It doesn't work at all Marty.. I tried suggested the cross line through bell icon with my Nokia 5.3

    It looks it the disaster phone... & I made a big mistake to buy Nokia phone..

  • Well sorry to hear it doesn't work on your phone Chaudhari, but I had the same problem as you, and also with the loud Nokia start-up tune whenever the phone was restarted, and, to my surprise, doing what I did stopped both very annoying sounds.

  • I have replaced my handset from service center due to many issues, but even after that, for the screenshot sound issue they are speechless and they don't have answers

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    I think it's better to buy Chinese phones though some of you may not agree with me but they make good phones with even though they are Chinese. However the brand like Nokia selling garbage in INDIA.

    Totally ****!

    Good for no use lots of issues starts with sound distortion in low volume and annoying start sound,screen shot sound,camera sound,schreen suddenly off call connects,since last update now I have to swipe edge to edge otherwise notification aren't clear, now even they claimed that they deliver software experience still waiting for android 11 even redmi note 7 already got miui 12 based on android 11.

    And 5.3 running on android 10 even though based on android one program.

    It's better to buy Samsung or Chinese brand like redmi atleast they provide value for money and don't have **** problem like sound distortion and poor screen resolution.

  • Truly agree!

    We should teach lessons to Nokia for selling garbage in India. I promise I will stop atleast 50-100 people from buying Nokia garbage. And personally I will not buy again for next 5-7 yrs.. I simply wasted Rs. 16000 with this garbage quality phone....

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    I have been living in UAE and was buying and using Nokia, but never had any issues with the phones. Nokia 5.3 was my first phone bought from India and I really feel there is quality control issues. This seriously needs to be addressed sooner than before, otherwise we will never buy a Nokia phone again.

  • Maybe this could help, tap 'don't disturb' icon then take a screenshot. Then sound will disappear

  • I have said this,i will never get a nokia device again, Samsung or Redmi only...this is my last time using Nokia,i was a big fan but they disappointed me with 5.3!!

  • It's quite straightforward: press volume up/down and then press volume symbol (bell symbol, vibrate symbol, and bell with line through it which represents "silence"), it's that bell symbol with the line through it that you want, click on it and now take a screen shot.It should be silent, but if it isn't just repeat the process and it will definitely be silent from there on in, when taking a screenshot.

    (If you switch the phone off/restart it you'll have to repeat the process but it's quite simple once you know what to do.)

  • Me too faced problem and tried what Marty said. It worked. But then, everytime I can't be doing my phone silent for taking a screenshot and then again make it normal mode after taking SS. And if I forgot, then I will miss so many calls. Why can't they give an option in Settings for this?