Anybody found solution for proximity sensor issue?

Anybody found solution for proximity sensor issue?

Joe Paul Joy Joe Paul Joy
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  • I've not had a issue with it

  • My handset got replaced by Nokia service center due to many issues

  • I will write it accordingly if I need some help!


  • Taraan Taraan

    After update something is wrong with proxy sensors, anybody can help?

  • Travellingpom Travellingpom
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    I had phone replaced as proximity sensor would keep black screen during a call regardless of position. New phone resolved.

  • Soulfiah Soulfiah
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    Download PROXIMITY SERVICE app on Google store

  • kmthrwt kmthrwt
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    I have given my Nokia 5.3 to the official service center to check, if it is a hardware or software issue. This problem started after I have replaced the display module and I don't know, if there is something between the sensor and screen blocking it or if the phone actually was updated during the repair, causing sensor to malfunction. Btw, I have checked the sensor, and it's actually always on, meaning that it either "sees" something, or the software keeps it awake. I will keep you updated, guys.

  • T-manuel T-manuel
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    The way I solve this is... Immediately the screen goes off, I place my finger on the sensor (the right part of the camera) and remove my finger, the screen comes on immediately and it works for me everytime.

  • Boot phone into safe mode if issue still persists go into Nokia service center if it doesn't persist reboot I to normal mode and it should be fixed

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