Has anyone received it yet


Has anyone received it yet


  • It's not released yet, may be they are bringing A11 to Nokia 5.3😉

  • Seems like quite about 2 months late since last update

    As Security patch was released month ahead as i remember 🤔

  • Come on Nokia you released the November sp 7 days after it came out it's now 19 days since the December Sp came out SPEED IT UP otherwise your not sticking to your monthly sp promise again , btw everyone who wants to see how bad Nokia really is go check out the Android 10 forum on the 3.1 plus community page Nokia have lost quite a few customers over what happened and I also threatened them that I was going to never buy one of their phones again if they didn't fix it and they said we don't want to upset or lose any of our customers you are so precious to us ,THINK THEIR ABOUT TO GO BUST 😂

  • According to the live chat Nokia is rolling out the December Sp for the Nokia 5.3 has anyone got it ?

  • Konradowski Konradowski
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    They are rolling - not updates but phones. nokia 5.4 the most useless phone with the same/worse specs then 5.3.

    Why are they making more phones and less updates?

    They don't know what to do. Running in circles like headless chickens. Now we have a phone with not great hardware, no custom UI, no updates, not the greatest software stability.

    Nokia 5.4 will waste development time and Nokia Pureview will wait until 2012 to get Android 11. Did anyone think that through? Maybe they should release dumb phones like Motorola and call it a day.

  • Same/worse specs than 5.3? Not really, go checking some benchmark results (I'm talking about Snapdragon 662), at least if you know what they are. They are making more phones than updates because they sell phones, not updates, the problem is they wasted time with another 5.X while the 6.x, 7.x and the 9.x series are missing. In my opinion, they should have released the new 5.4 just as 5.3, instead of the actual 5.3 one. No custom UI? Seriously? If you want that slowest trash like one UI, MIUI etc., Then you should buy another phone, thanks God they don't have a custom UI. I don't know which phone you have, but mine is very stable, and especially, has a fast UI (the stock one is so ;) ). I totally agree when saying that Nokia 5.4 wastes development time, I'm afraid that's sadly true.

  • Konradowski Konradowski
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    I also don't want custom UI. I'm just baffled, that they release two identical phones in a year while updates are slow. There is no custom UI to develop. And other brands with big UI's are releasing Android 11 already.

    This is golden: "Nokia copying of themselves" xD and sadly true

  • Yes I agree, in fact as I said I think they should have released only 5.4 in 2020, 5.3 would have sounded better for 2019, but they should have added the gyroscope, unforgivable missing. Yes, other brands are releasing android 11, but it makes sense since they optimized it really (Google pixel got some ridiculous bugs with android 11). And ye, I agree, they are, hope something's gonna change. I heard some rumours about Nokia 7.3 should have Snapdragon 690 5g, if true, it could be interesting, but they should be faster in releasing phones and updates also.

  • Epsilon Epsilon
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    =( I am also waiting my friend , to android 11 too

  • alexjohn alexjohn
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    They are rolling - not updates however telephones. Nokia 5.4 the most pointless telephone with the equivalent/more awful specs then 5.3. 

    For what reason would they say they are making more telephones and fewer updates? pirlo tv basketball

    They don't have the foggiest idea of what to do. Going around aimlessly like headless chickens. Presently we have a telephone with not extraordinary equipment, no custom UI, no updates, not the best programming soundness. 

    Nokia 5.4 will burn through improvement time and Nokia Pureview will stand by until 2012 to get Android 11. Did anybody believe that? Possibly they should deliver stupid telephones like Motorola and consider it daily.

  • Konradowski Konradowski
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    I made a typo there. I ment that Nokia 9 Pureview will get Android 11 in 2021 with the current rate of updates.

    More logical solution would be:

    1) Don't copy Nokia 5.3 because it adds work that is needed elsewhere:

    2) Update flagship phone faster!

    3) If you feel like you made some mistakes with Nokia 5.3 and you really want to fix it and release 5.4, you are right. You should have added this stupid gyroscope in the first place. I mean how hard was it? Every phone has it. Every phone also has working bottom speaker and audio jack. 😹

    4) I take it back. Nokia 5.4 should be released. Nokia 5.3 shouldn't.

    5) You can always postpone Nokia 5.3 Android 12 update and later say it is over 2 years so no update will come 🙈🙉🙊

  • Konradowski Konradowski
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    I ment 2022 not 2021. I'm too old, numbers are hard 🤣

  • badger810 badger810
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    Chances are if we don't get the December Security update today, it will more likely be next week or the week after.

  • They haven't released the December sp they haven't addressed the proximity sensor issue. We are being cheated.

  • !M?tt! !M?tt!
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    I agree, Nokia 5.3 makes no sense, they should have released Nokia 5.4 instead of the 5.3 one.

  • Gold2ooT Gold2ooT
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    Update is out now. 1.72mb

  • Diver Diver
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    in Deutschland auch.

  • kmthrwt kmthrwt
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    Received it in Russia at 18:53.

  • marty dav marty dav
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    Received in United Kingdom


    Nokia 6.2 got january SP today in Finland.

    5.3 got nothing. Same thing was with december SP.

    Is Android 11 coming?

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