Why not in India??

Why Nokia is not in competition in India ? They knows that peoples believe in Nokia in India . But again why? Waiting for 8.3 . When it will get launched ?


  • Why nokia ur not launching 8.3 5g in india ,we are desperately waiting for nokia 8.3 5g . please launch 8.3 5g at any price u want ,we will buy it

  • Why Nokia not lounch 8.3 in india..lounch soon in india with agrresiv price...8.3 definitely tuff fight to apple

  • We till wait when 8.3 in rummers ..3/4 year waiting...and Nokia didn't lounch them in india

  • Apple equality lounch hole globe why Nokia not...atleast u sell one piece of 8.3 sell me

  • If Nokia lounch 8.3 with improvement ( because 4 year delay )12 GB Ram ,512 GB,1 TB rom , battery backup etc ... India was more trusted on Nokia .. Nokia didn't respect india n market...I think compitition gon harder to nokia