Camera has stopped working!

I tried to go and capture a photo today and the camera app crashes after a few seconds of being open no matter what I do. Now totally unusable!

I even tried to grab a picture before it crashed and all that shows up in Photos is a grey square.

Closing the app, restarting the phone, soft resetting, force stopping the app, clearing the cache of memory and storage, and disabling and enabling don't fix the issue!

I've got an unlocked UK device bought from Nokia Store. Android 10 October update. Camera app version 97.10.1400. 01



  • Bei meinem 8.3 stürzt die App auch nach ein paar Sekunden ab. Bin jetzt bis zum Hard Reset gegangen...könnte das Problem aber nicht lösen! Andere Apps greifen aber normal auf die Kamera zu. Bitte um Hilfe!

  • Hi am using Nokia 8.3 5g and I have the same problem with camera today.

    Every think I try to solve it doesn't work probably it will be fixed by the following update. Hope to by soon. Happy new year.

  • Also my Nokia 3.4 my camera not working

  • Digicom
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    I also have same problem which only started today on my nokia 8.3 5g hopefully nokia fix issue ASAP as camera unsable now

  • Same here just got the phone today right out of the box . Set it up and the camera app just crashes right away . Downloaded a 3rd party app and that works

  • Camera app ver 97.10.1400.08. Stopped working today. Nokia 8.3 5G 128.

  • Gleiches Problem. Kamera geht nicht mehr. Andere App funktioniert. Problem also an der Software. Wird hoffentlich bald gelöst von HMD

  • Annemette Leth Nielsen
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    Same problem here.

    I've had the phone since December 7th. Nokia 8.3 5G in Denmark.

    Video works though - in messenger. Not in app, since the camera crashes after less than 1 second.

    Been like this for about an hour now, and tried everything, in order to fix it.

  • Wow, well this is a relief. I just started having the same problem today - which is weird since no updates have been pushed? Maybe it's a year 2021 /millenium deal type bug? ;)

    Very annoying, but weirdly reassuring to know it's not just me.

  • AJH
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    Just tried my camera. Version 97.10.1400.01 and everything is working as it should. I am in Australia.

    Maybe another app is interfering with it as I do not have a lot of apps on my phone.

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    Same here at srilanka.i think new year gift.and still no security updates after September. 3.4

  • I have just got my phone out of the box, set it up and the camera is stopping as well...on a brand new phone!!! I've tried everything in all the forums and nothing fixes it...should go get a refund? Or is Nokia going to fix this and start testing their software properly???

  • Yaser01, I did the same and it's working! So it's a date problem with the camera! Nokia! Your users have worked out your software problem for you.... now...please fix it! And stop giving us work arounds that clearly don't do anything except waste our time

  • Same here. Default Camera App on my Nokia 8.3 crashes at startup since 31/12 afternoon. No luck with resetting the app data, checkkng app autorisation & I do not see what could be interferring...

  • Works for me too! Camera works as long as the app is running after changing the date.

  • Exactly the same problem as Sisu Matt. Just found this forum and the tip about the date and now it seems to work. Thanks! p.s: very disappointed customer

  • This solution works for me!!! I set the date before Dec 1 2020 and everything works fine! Please use this information as a clue and fix the bug as soon as possible!!

  • Same problem, just started today. All apps except the factory camera app will take pictures (whatsapp is fine). Nokia 8.3 5g, Vietnam model.

    Just started when I started my vacation. Any way to install an older version?

  • Changing the date to last year fixes it, confirmed. It throws all the other apps off, but at least I can take pictures lol.

  • Very same problem here! (Switzerland) Setting the phone's date back to dec 2020 works also for me. At least...

    Need a solution immediately here!


  • Answer from Nokia support

    We appreciate your time to let us know the feedback. For the moment, please patient to use the camera app on Google Play Store.

    We will forward the issue to the software department for checking the application asap. Stay tuned to check app updates .

  • Yeah this sounds like either an expired certificate (is the camera app phoning home...?) or a date parsing error somehow. Interesting error and I'm sorry for those at HMD receiving this support issue on new years eve...