Camera has stopped working!



  • I only get this issue on WhatsApp camera

    Although I've tried deleting and reinstalling WhatsApp and using this gb whatsapp modified app at the request of a friend, But the problem isn't.

    another solution

    Also if you've had an HMD phone in the history you might have an old camera app further down the list. Go to any of their apps through there or via hunt like HMD Connect or My Phone and also you can tap on HMD Global and see all their apps including the right camera app! you can read the guide

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    I have the same problem with my camera on my new Nokia. Purchased one week before, has been working perfectly, and today it has stopped working. Camera app opens up then shuts down immediately. Not very good for a brand new product. Will try to change the date as mentioned by others in comments above.

  • I only encounter this problem when using the WhatsApp camera

    I've attempted to solve the issue of my WhatsApp not working by deleting and reinstalling the app, and even trying out this modified app called gb whatsapp as per my friend's suggestion. However, the problem still persists

    Here's another option

    In case you have owned an HMD phone previously, you might find an old camera app buried in the list. Navigate through their apps or try searching for HMD Connect or My Phone. Additionally, you can tap on HMD Global to access all their apps, including the correct camera app.

    Hi there! Can you tell me how I can sign up for HMD Mobile?

    Feel free to check out our online store (link) where you can easily purchase your HMD Mobile plan alongside any Nokia device.

    You can find more information in the guide

    To get started with HMD Mobile, you have two options. You can either download and install the HMD Mobile app onto your device, or simply access the HMD Mobile web app at insert website

  • Star Date 20230323 17:42 hrs Same Problem Time to get another Dumb Assed Smart phone!