Order not cancel

Iwant to cancel but cancel my order but cancel tab is not working and no refund commitment is found by me on this website so no security

Order not cancel

sanjay6770 sanjay6770
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Iwant to cancel but cancel my order but cancel tab is not working and no refund commitment is found by me on this website so no security

Nokia Website is cheating us.
i am tried to call customer care more than 50 times but after 1st ring call disconnected.
after 6pm call connect and IBR ask me call us from 9am to 6 pm. its a joke.


  • user1534850635498 user1534850635498
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    You can go to Chat support option and on chat option you have wait 10-15 minutes support will reply after support reply you can give your order, city, state, email information 

    told him to cancel order, support will cancel your order if they will not respond you then try again.

    another option is to send mail to support:

    If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]

  • never expecting from nokia

    daily i tried to contact you but call not connect.

    daily i request for call back but no call reply

    this is my last warning to you. please refund my amount otherwise i complained for this in consumer forum.

  • sanjay6770 sanjay6770
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    very disappointing, i never recemend for nokia in future for anyone

    cheating with customer

  • what will i do

  • sanjay6770 sanjay6770
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    No call back arrange, no customer support, no mail notification, no connect call with customer support,

    no refund amount, no value of customer.

    cheating with customer.

  • I already faced same situation but yesterday night i got order dispatch message from nokia. So wait for dispatch message. Daily communicate to Support chat and ask for order dispatch time...

    I think they got lot of order that why each order delivery is delay.

  • I already told you please cancel my order i already purchased this phone nokia 6.1 plus from flipkart and its delivered.

    please cancel my order and refund my amount

  • They do not have option to cancel the order also, they are not delivering phone and not ready to refund also, cheating the customers. I have ordered phone on 21st Aug and still not received it. 

  • I have given online order for Nokia 6. 1 plus for gifting to my wife and made payment by SBI credit card on 02.09.18 But due to poor feedback of battery I cancelledy order on 03.09.18.
    After repeated call and mail I am thankful to Nokia for cancelling my order on 05.09.18. but I did not get my back credited into my account yet
    Can any one please tell me that after getting cancellation mail from Nokia, how many days it take to credit money back in credit card?
  • Brother same with me i mail to nokia for cancellation my order but my order not cancel. i called customer care more than 100 times try to call but not connect. after so much try my call connect and i raised a request for cancellation my order. yesterday my order cancel. bust still my refund not processed. they ask me refund will received within 7 Banking working day.

    nokia cheating with customer.

  • They are really cheating  customers. I have also ordered on 21st Aug and not yet received. They are not taking my request for cancelling the order also. I am already frustrated with Nokia care. Whereas Flipkart people are getting there order on time. Looks like they have given priority to Flipkart orders. This is cheating  with Nokia  customers.

  • i order nokia 6.1 plus from Flipkart for my cousin on 1.09.2018 and deliverd on 02.09.18.

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