Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia 3.4 camera fix

Hi Nokia Phone Users Some users are experiencing a camera software error on Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia 3.4.

Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia 3.4 camera fix

HMDLaura HMDLaura
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Hi Nokia Phone Users

Some users are experiencing a camera software error on Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia 3.4. Our team of experts has already identified the root cause of the issue and are working on a fix to resolve as soon as possible. 

While we work fast to create a software fix, please find below steps to manually restore your camera functionality with immediate effect:

1) Go to your settings

2) Open ‘System’

3) Select ‘Date & time’

4) Turn off ‘Use network-provided time’ (UK) or ‘Automatic date & time’ (US)

5) Adjust the date to 2020 – 12 – 30 (or earlier)

6) Open the camera which will now work normally

-Step 7 and 8 can be skipped by Nokia 3.4 Users -

7) Go to camera settings

8) Disable ‘Scene detection’

9) Go back to settings

10) Open ‘System’

11) Select Date & time

12) Turn on ‘Use network-provided time’ (UK) or ‘Automatic date & time’ (US) 

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  • Mitra Assi Mitra Assi
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    c1.01. 2021 Nokia 8.3 camera started to fly out!Treated->move the date to 29.12.2020, the camera works, but the Google Play store does not work!

  • Mitra Assi Mitra Assi
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    An interesting question, to the developers of Nokia, is it they who have prepared such a New Year's Gift for all users of Nokia smartphones?Now the sellers with diamonds and the store does not work!

  • dhurk_delos dhurk_delos
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    Hope the patch is available soon in all countries...

  • We hope you can fix in soon.

  • Hola Laura. Intenté usar tus indicaciones en mi Nokia 3.4 pero el numeral 7 no es posible de realizar ya que la cámara no permite abrir las configuraciones, 'la app continúa fallando' no sé si conozcas otra forma de solucionar este problema. Gracias por tus consejos. Saludos desde Colombia.

  • We hope Nokia Mobile can fix this problem in soon.

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    tested the solution above, disable the scene detection works for me, for now. I hope Nokia could release a viable permanent solution, I have high hope for you

  • pumpkinzz pumpkinzz
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    Hello Laura, thanks for this update. But how about other issues, for example, that lots of phones stuck on old build numbers? Will Nokia have any solutions to that issues? Thanks.

  • Mattholden Mattholden
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    My scene detection was never turned on and still not working

  • Thanks for the fix happy 8.3 again!

  • roger morris roger morris
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    Does not work on my phone at all. If this is not sorted within 48 hours, the phone will be going back as unfit for purpose, and a full refund will be required.

  • Craig1584 Craig1584
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    Perfect.. I spent 4 hours pulling my hair out... Great support and very unexpected x

  • Laycon Laycon
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    Thanks for the update. Camera currently working on my 3.4. hope to get the software fix over here in Nigeria.

  • Hello the community

    I have a problem on the 8.3 nokia camera, it crashes I no longer have the hand to take new photos. That's the solution

    Thanks in advance

  • Mohamed Istanbuly Mohamed Istanbuly
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    After camera I'm facing issue with messages hanging " messages working on background " and notification dots not showing any more !!

    Already take my SIM out of this ****

    007 "my phone going to die"

    Already after 2020...

  • I fixed this by quickly tapping the three lines on the top left of the camera and disabling "scene detection". Otherwise the method in the op will work. Just to say I've moved from Samsung to Nokia and whilst things are ok, it is much less a polished smooth experience...

  • The worst thing it all happened on New Year's eve and I couldn't take photos at all. I also applied to your technical support and they didn't tell me anything on turning off the Scene Detection. It's a pity I was eager to buy a new 8.3 5G Nokia but it turned out a raw loaf 🤨🤬

  • Abigail16 Abigail16
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    Please could Nokia advise on a timeline for the camera software fix. Given that the interim advice provided creates problems (as indicated by other users), an immediate solution is required.

    Having recently purchased a Nokia 8.3 which was brought on the basis, amongst other features, of its superior camera, it is disappointing that it is no longer available. Will users be compensated for the loss of this feature?

    Kind regards.

  • Abigail16 Abigail16
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  • pumpkinzz pumpkinzz
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    So, when this fix will be available? How long users will wait? Days, weeks, months? Some users even do not have last build - they stuck on old build numbers on 3.4...The f*uck Nokia?

  • Alex_Anders Alex_Anders
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    Think U skipped the last instruction: SET THE TIME BACK TO NORMAL!!!

  • It's solved, but it's keep on doing it

  • Yes, my 8.3 has same problem and factory reset doesn't help.

  • Not working

  • david e david e
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    I'm appaled that the camera issue has not been sorted out days after Nokia was aware of the problem. The resolution Nokia offers makes the camera work but then stops many app s from working. PATHETIC

  • juanitto juanitto
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    This fixed it but still sucks the camera app doesn't work the way it should. Nokia just let us unlock the bootloader so we can have root access to phone.

  • Fatboy Fatboy
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    New to this forum, can't for the life of me find an option to post a new topic?? Any help appreciated 👍😁

  • MrHeineken88 MrHeineken88
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    I did some extra steps after it didn't work for me as well.

    Did turn off timezone as well.

    Forced stop the app, cleared the cache and memory (don't know how it's mentioned in english because my phone is in Dutch.)

    That did the trick. Do not know what of the steps was it though.

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