Just shutting off

Hi, for the sake of it let's say 75% battery, never under 50. Listening podcast on Spotify, shutting off. Taking a waiting call, shutting off.

Just shutting off

Hi, for the sake of it let's say 75% battery, never under 50.

Listening podcast on Spotify, shutting off.

Taking a waiting call, shutting off.

Hotspot on, searching web, shutting off.

On the table, picked it up to make a call... Guess what?

I was expecting a decent phone, I know I made a downgrade from Huawei Mate 20Pro, my mistake I really like Nokia. It looks like Nokia is doing all it can to change my mind. They are on the right track. I m disappointed, very.

Got it in November 2020. I mean.... Come on HMD and Nokia people.... Really... That's the best u can?

I don't wanna do master reset ( did it twice since) or soft one ( too many to count) .

Anyone have the same issue?



  • My 8.3 shut off yesterday while it was in my pocket (with around 97% battery) and was completely unresponsive. I managed to get it working again after a long-press of the power and volume-down buttons (like I remembered from the Lumia days) and the auto-rotate quick setting had been untoggled randomly.

    Combined with the camera app crashing on launch because of a date/time calculation bug it is not a great experience. I didn't have the camera crashing bug until after my device shut itself down, so I'm wondering if it's just a coincidence or related.

  • My phone keeps shutting it's self off while on charge and it doesn't turn on even for my alarm which really isn't handy and iv got to unplugged it then plug it back in to get it to turn on!? Any help?

  • Exactly the same happened with my Nokia 8.3 phone. Random power down and not responsive when trying to power up. I returned to shop as 3 days old and have a replacement. Suspect this is a global issue

  • Paul Briggs Paul Briggs
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    This has happened a couple of times now the last being a few minutes ago.getting fed up of dropping calls due to this issue☹️

  • Paul Briggs Paul Briggs
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  • Haven't had this issue but it sounds scary, first the camera crashes on new year and now users are reporting device shutting down. The **** is going on at Nokia?

  • I've had my 8.3 randomly shut down three times now. No pattern to it, it seems random. Also had the camera issue so made the recommended work around. To be honest I'm not impressed with this phone - should have bought the cheaper Motorola!!! Very sad that Nokia, once synonymous with quality, is now producing this junk 🤬

  • alex12345 alex12345
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    Had this issue one time, about two weeks ago (the screen went black and the phone was completely unresponsive), strangely i had to connect it to a usb-cable, keep pressing the power-button for a couple of seconds to turn it off and then back on. The battery was at 53%, so power was not the problem...

    I have / had some other issues too:

    • Had to return the first 8.3 i received to the seller, since the top speaker made strange noises as soon as the phone was turned on (they sounded like coil whining), wich was probably a manufacturing issue, the replacement works fine in that regard.
    • The phone became unresponsive as stated above
    • The camera-date issue (wich in my opinion is not as terrible as some say in this forum, since during software development such bugs can happen (i can say that as a developer myself) and they fixed it asap, for the handling of that bug i give them credit, so i see that in a more positive light than most of the comments here and thank HMD for the quick fix!)
    • Yesterday the screen colors (in every app / on every screen) became strangely bright and washed out, i tried turning on and off every setting i found (auto brightness, manual brightness slider, night light, dark mode, white balance...), nothing worked. So i performed a simple restart and the colors went back to normal. Not cool at all! Anyone else experienced that?

    As a conclusion i can say that generally i am pleased with the 8.3 (furthermost i like the face that it has Android One, wich was the reason i bought a Nokia and advised nearly all my family-members to buy a Nokia, i like its camera, especially the manual controls of exposure time, iso...), BUT it seems like the 8.3 has quite a few bugs, hardware- (speaker) and software-related wich made it through QA, wich is not cool considering its price point...

    I hope they (you, if someone from HMD reads this?) fixes them, then it would be a really great package.

  • Mark Tutte Mark Tutte
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    My Nokia 8.3 keeps shutting it's self off while on charge and it doesn't turn on even for my alarm which has caused me to be late for work (not great!) To restart I've pressed & held volume up & power buttons, but this isn't a great situation. What's going on, Nokia?

  • alex12345 alex12345
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    I have to add another issue:

    Often it loses connection to the carrier without any reason, mobile data and voice is not available until i wait for a couple of minutes or turn on and off airplane mode.

    This is very strange, since often it happens at work, where i have really good 4g+ coverage (city-center).

    It didn't happen with my old smartphone wich i had until the end of december... =/

    I did not switch carrier in the meantime...

  • M Bosch M Bosch
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    Same here. Three Times nu phone was shut off during the night. Dare not to use it to wake me up in the morning now...

  • MR Mark Rawlinson MR Mark Rawlinson
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    I received my 8.3 at the start of the year, after having the camera crash problem in January I just hoped for no more problems!

    Mine happened early hours of this morning, just shut down.

    I tryed a conbination of buttons, don't know what i pressed but it came back on.

    I've been put off about the new re-established Nokia company over the years, think i've made my mind up!

    HMD it's your move!

    By the way congrats on the camera when its works.

  • I have the same troubles with my Nokia 8.3 (camera use means shutting down, frequent shutting down with peer 90%). Many times, my calls stopped because of this random frequent shutting down. I am really upset about Nokia. This is my last time to have Nokia phones and I will never recommend any body to have Nokia products. Nokia knowns our sufferings but strangely it does not make any action to help us! I am really disappointed.

  • dewarmc dewarmc
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    My Nokia X20 - Also shuts down calls on or close to 30 minutes in length.

    I also invested in Nokia in November 2021, from Samsung and have had no end of annoyances with my Nokia and despite the helpful Nokia Care Team's willingness to help, I can't send my mobile phone to them for repair, until I have another phone to use.

    So unfortunately, once I get another phone to use, I am sure that I will be less interested in then sending my Nokia X20 to the Nokia Care Team for repair, and Nokia will then just lose me as customer again, which is a shame, because I like Nokia.

    It is almost as if Nokia have employed people to design a mobile phone, without in fact testing it, prior to release.

    Nokia will certainly have to put more emphasis when advertising any new mobile phone release, by overstating the lengths they have now gone to eliminate all the annoyances everyone has encountered from even the basic requirements of using and making a call on a mobile phone, without it cutting out at some predetermined and random point that has been built into the software design by Nokia.

    It is this lack of detail that puts me off, looking forward to a new phone.

  • TheresaGoddard TheresaGoddard
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    Having same issue. My two day old Nokia keeps switching itself off and on, it's usually when I'm not using it. I've never had this happen on an android before and I'm wondering if there's some way of doing some sort of diagnostic test I can perform. I'd like to see if its an app I've transferred from my Note 4 or I have a faulty device that needs returning. Anybody else have this issue? =

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