System files consuming 59 GB

I have 64 GB phone Its system files keep on increasing with each passing day. Currently, it shows 59 GB, thus making my phone useless.

System files consuming 59 GB

Rakesh P Rakesh P
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I have 64 GB phone Its system files keep on increasing with each passing day. Currently, it shows 59 GB, thus making my phone useless. Even the system files of Windows don't take up so much space. Why on earth would Nokia come up with an Android phone with 64GB memory when system files take up the entire internal storage. Either these morons were not aware of the size And

roid 10 would take or they don't give a **** about it!

Android 10 doesn't give the option to move apps to external storage. I've tried Developer Option, but to no avail.

Is anyone facing the same issue?

Will Android 11 update have fix for this?


  • Rakesh P Rakesh P
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    Thanks for the suggestion, Jamie. I did Factory Reset, and now system files only use 16 gb of space. Not sure if the problem will recur, but for now it's fixed.

    Apparently, this phone is buggy since different users have different sort of issues with it. Nokia should look into such issues and try to fix them, if they want to stay in the race.

  • Donkey Donkey
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    A bit late to read this.

    Same here, when I noticed that, system has used about 49GB.

    Only 2 hours later, after some tests with Nokia support,

    it has never been decreased but went to 50GB.

    So according to Rakesh P's experience, the Factory Reset did work to save more storage for 5.3.

    But how long will it keep working? Monthly reset would be a nightmare.

    BTW, did you have the both patches of Dec 2020 from Google & Nokia?

    I wonder if the recent system patches causing this issue.

  • Same problem with Nokia 5.3 system taking up about 50gb of space with no way of clearing it, rendering the phone useless. Will try factory reset later, but Nokia should really do something about this!

  • Menonh Menonh
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    Systems files are 54 GB. Bought it thinking other companies put bloatware but it seems to the other way around. My other Samsung phone has only 18 GB system files..

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    As you all are facing this exact same issue on the Nokia 5.3 it is very likely a bug on the device. The System should not take so much space. For now, doing a factory reset seems to be the only fix. Nokia phones do not come with bloatware. :)

    I hope Nokia Mobile is aware of this and they fix this with a software update. :)

  • Ojoruwa Ojoruwa
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    I had the same issue but a factory reset fixed it. Just back up your files and do a factory reset.

  • Va Bene Va Bene
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    Same behaviour on my Nokia 5.3 (Android 10) . System occupation 45GB! Furthermore, my Smartphone reboot in these days is very very slow (around 4 minutes) . Today, I have noticed that there is grown of space occupation of hundred MB in "real time" without downloading nothing or receving whatapp o anything else! I have installed a very few apps, all verified by Play store.. I will try factory reset.But I do not consider this a solution, but a waste of time! Someone could suggest me how to reclaim a compensation because of this situation?

    Thank you.


  • Toto_UK Toto_UK

    Me too! I also have this problem and I don't really want to factory reset because I don't want to lose any data of an old game which I can't backup. Is there any other solution other than factory reset?

    I emailed Nokia and they're brave to say all these system files are necessary. What a joke! Most are unused files for old version Android.

  • Hi guys! I'm in the same boat as all of you here. Has anyone found the solution to this problem?

    1) Is there a patch/update I can apply?

    2) Does factory reset solve the problem long term or does the problem appear again after some time?

  • AngLar AngLar
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    Hi guys. I've factory resetted my Nokia 5.3 in Feb 2022, back then my System files were almost 30gb ish. After the reset it went down to 15gb initially but now it's 17-18gb. The more automatic update, the bigger that system files get.

    After the above mentioned reset, my phone run on Android 11, not 10. Which is kind of disappointing to me, somehow.

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