Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 8.3 5G software fix for camera error



  • Hello,

    I started having issue with the camera and googling I've found this thread.

    I am on nokia 8.3 5G, I installed all the android updates, and google play updates.

    My camera app is 97.10.1400.24 But on google play there is not update, I can only click open, but when I click on camera, and what's new the version is 97.10.1400.55

    I've tried clearing the data and cache of google play but still no update available.


  • Anil99
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    Nokia 4.2 have no HD streaming in Netflix

    Please help

  • Fla76
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    edited May 2021

    On the girlfriend's new nokia X20 the camera goes in crash from May 17th (day of an auto-update) .... a week of life, incredible !!

    I installed the Gcam BMG in emergency, and luckily it works

    Version 97.11

    on the play store the red message "this camera is no longer compatible with your device" ..... I have no words for that!!!

    Nokia you must be ashamed !!!

  • Fla76
    Fla76 ✭✭

    good news: with yesterday's cumulative update, Nokia fixed the bug that caused the X20 camera crash!

    I point out that the Gcam trCamera & MHC_BSG work very well also with the X20

  • Who else using 3.4 noticed randomly shuts down?

  • please, can someone help me with my problem with my nokia 8.3? my phone no longer picks up wifi. all the other telephones in my house connect without problems. I very much regret having bought this phone. I have tried everything, computer scientists have tried to solve the problem but nothing works

  • Have you tried: Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Options > Reset WiFi, mobile and Bluetooth?

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    Jag har inte fått några uppdateringar på kameran .

    Nokia 8.3 är den absolut sämsta mobil jag ägt och då har jag bara ägt Nokia mobiler . Kameran bara hänger sig , och det går inte dela bilder från galleriet för då hänger sig mobilen . 😡😡😡

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