How to set a screen unlock pin please

Hi. I have just purchased the Nokia 6.

How to set a screen unlock pin please

Mags Mags

Hi. I have just purchased the Nokia 6. I do not want to use
Fingerprint to unlock the screen as I have very dry hands and I have a screen
protector.  I want to use a pin to unlock
the screen. Anyone know how to do this please? 

I have noted the Sim Card lock but I think this is something different.  All I want to do is set a pin to unlock the
screen rather than a fingerprint.  Can
anyone help please? 


  • fatboyz fatboyz
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    You can select pin only. And your screen protector shouldn't cover the home button.
  • Mags Mags

    Hi Fatboyz. Thanks for your response but the problem I have is finding
    the PIN for the Screen Lock rather than the sim or device. What I previously found was a PIN referring to “a PIN before
    start up. Until device starts up, it can’t receive calls, messages, including
    alarms.”  This suggests something
    different to me, a PIN for the device start up after powering down, rather than
    a PIN for a Screen Lock.  Or am I
    mistaken?  Do I have this wrong?

    In trying to locate a PIN Screenlock, I found this message: “Because
    you have turned on an accessibility service your device wont use your screen
    lock to enhance data encryption.”  Gordon
    Bennet what on earth does that mean? 

    I have McAfee on the phone as I did with my previous Samsung
    J5 and had no problem with a PIN Screen Lock usage. 

    So can anyone shed light on the reference to the “PIN before
    start up” please? I don’t think this
    refers to a PIN Screen Lock but something different.

    What does accessibility service mean that I seem to have turned on which
    possibly prevents a PIN Screen Lock? 
    Surely not McAfee?  The very annoying Google Assistant?? I do
    appreciate any suggestions to finding a PIN for the Screen Lock.

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