Will 7.2 support AT&T HD Voice?

Just got notified by my carrier, AT&T, that sometime between now and Feb.

Will 7.2 support AT&T HD Voice?

graybeard21 graybeard21
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Just got notified by my carrier, AT&T, that sometime between now and Feb. 2022,

"3G devices and 4G wireless devices that don’t support HD Voice will no longer work on our network."


That references a list of four Nokia phones (which includes the Nokia 3.1 A) that will work after their upgrade.

The Nokia 7.2 IS NOT on that list.

Can/will the 7.2 receive a software update to support AT&T HD Voice?

Otherwise I may have to leave Nokia.

Thank you.


  • Quimax Quimax
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    I am working through the discovery of this very issue myself. Mostly posting in hopes that there is an answer eventually. Just purchased a 7.2 a few months ago when I was living in Australia and assumed AT&T didn't like it because it was from the land down under. Now I know that was a wrong assumption.

    It's working on AT&T now, but here's to hoping it will continue until we leave the country again!

  • My Nokia 7.2 on AT&T (in California) finally went dead yesterday. All wireless services (text, stream, email, even voicemail) work EXCEPT placing and receiving calls. AT&T tech support simply said, if the phone isn't on their LIST, it isn't supported and won't work.

    Hate to have to shop for a phone now, but that's what I must do.

    Big THUMBS DOWN to AT&T and HMD for not better coordinating.

  • Yojan Yojan
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    I know this is not a permanent solution, but I change the network to 3G and can do and receive calls...

  • Yojan Yojan
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    And I found something about to fix the problem in this forum. The issue is even when I found the place in settings to do the change, the option is disabled...


  • MiriamKaplan MiriamKaplan
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    To be clear this is AT&T's problem, I have a Nokia 7.2 and VOLTE aka HD voice worked perfectly fine until I made the mistake of troubleshooting with them over another problem and gave them my phone's ID number. Once that happened VOLTE was gone and they claimed that my phone is not supported. Well it worked for 3 **** months before they decided to stop supporting it. Hopefully they just allow all VOLTE phones to work on their network and not just the phones that they sell at their stores. FaceTime

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