Heating issue

Hi I am using nokia 6.1 plus, this is second day and i am getting heating issue in normal usage.

Heating issue

Singh Singh
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I am using nokia 6.1 plus, this is second day and i am getting heating issue in normal usage.
I have visited ur service center but they said heating issue is normal with nokia phones, but I have not purchased a nokia phone to deal with heating issue. As they suggested me to install a temperature monitoring app, I did the same, and it shows 44°c while using phone without charging
I tried calling customer service but my call could not connect


  • ghosh27 ghosh27
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    I also have this issue while using internet and calling
  • user1535998137806 user1535998137806
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    Guys try this once. I had the same issue. When I used the mobile for the first time it heated up. Drain your battery completely and charge it from 0 to 100% once by keeping it switched off. After this I faced no heating issue except while playing heavy game like pubg. Let me know if this works.
  • Singh Singh
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    No it didn't worked. Still its heating while using data and on call
  • I do not have heating issue.

    There is an inbuilt support app , open it and chat with support and also you can check the battery status etc..

  • chiragc chiragc
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    I do not have a heating issue. The area around the rear camera does get warm when taking pictures, but other than that it's fine. The camera app is one area where Nokia really needs to get its act together. Maybe the hot patch near the camera can be resolved with a software update.
  • ankur ankur
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    Heating issue is there after doing everything , raise a request for refund , just get a mail to do so and so , done everything but no help , this cheap **** temperature is 50 degree , Nokia you are such a failure in customer support , your service sucks
  • Anybody tell me how resolve issue of heating & battery drainage very fast
  • I had heating issue when I purchased from flipkart. After several days talks and wait I got replacement. But the replacement product also facing heating issue. Don't know what to do now. Tired of this drama.
  • ankur ankur
    I also got the replacement approve , let's see what's happen next
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