FAQ - Android 11 update: Approved markets and Waves

You mention “Waves” - What does this mean? “Waves” is the term we use to denote when each OTA (over-the-air) is first enabled.

FAQ - Android 11 update: Approved markets and Waves

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You mention “Waves” - What does this mean?

“Waves” is the term we use to denote when each OTA (over-the-air) is first enabled. We typically have 2 Waves, which are usually a couple of weeks apart (although this isn’t a hard and fast rule).

On occasion, we may receive approvals between Wave 1 and Wave 2, and then we’ll release them to you asap.

What’s the difference between Wave 1 and Wave 2?

There’s no change in the delivery method or rollout timelines. It’s just about where the builds can, or cannot, be received. In short:

Wave 1 list shows markets where approval has been given; Wave 2 are markets where approval has not yet been given.

What happens when each Wave is enabled?

Within each Wave, the OTA (over-the-air) rollout is ongoing but is staggered over several days (normally 5 days) to ensure a smooth consumer experience.

So although your market may be shown in the respective Wave, it doesn’t always hold true that you’ll get it at the same time as someone else in the same country or market - it may take up to 5 days to reach everyone.

Why is my region or operator missing from the approved Wave list?

We can only release the software to your market once each region/network operator has approved the build, and the time taken for these approvals can vary considerably between regions and network operators.

My region/country/network operator is shown in the approved list, but I’ve still not received the build after more than 5 days of release. Why is this?

You may already have the build in the background awaiting your action (try pulling down the Notifications from the top?). Please go into Settings and check for updates. If it’s there, all you need to do is to reboot your device to complete the installation.

In all cases, we highly recommend you connect to Wi-Fi to download the Android 11 upgrade - builds can be large and if you use cellular, you may be charged by your network provider.

My operator is listed as not yet able to receive the upgrade - why is this?

There may be a number of reasons, for example, a specific requirement has not yet been received or integrated. I’m afraid we cannot share specific details on this

In the list of markets that have not yet received the upgrade, when will they receive it?

We cannot share specific details as timelines are different per market. We recommend you regularly check your device for the update or keep an eye on your local Nokia phones communications.

But rest assured, we’re all working at full speed to get you up to Android 11 asap!


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  • jovonna1 jovonna1
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  • When Nokia 2.2 will get Android 11

  • Good evening from Lagos , Nigeria

    My name is Lawrence , I own a Nokia 8 android phone and I will like to Upgrade my Operating System from Android 9 to Android 11 , please how can you assist me in doing this UPGRADE ?, Thanks in advance

  • Desmond Davies Desmond Davies
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    When will Nokia 2.3 get the android 11 update,we are meant to get it in Q1 and Q1 is almost over

  • German Galan German Galan
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    Hola, mi pregunta es la siguiente, para cuándo el android 11 para el Nokia 4.2?

  • Ranadhir Ranadhir
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    When Nokia 8.1 will get Android 11 update in India?

  • The Devil The Devil
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    Now Over Q4 and Q1 for Nokia 5.3 receiving android 11

  • AndyUK AndyUK
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    Where are the approved Waves lists?

    And when you say, "keep an eye on your local Nokia phones communications", where is that exactly?


  • Tyfomir Tyfomir
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    Where's the fraking list?

  • Amogh Saxena Amogh Saxena
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    Please release the Android 11 update for 5.3 at the earliest... Someone said that update is ready only approval from markets is remaining. So please if this is the case release it at the earliest!

  • Evaentlous Evaentlous
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    Android 11 update on Nokia 3.2 is a total mess , I lost all my data from my SDcard , I can't take screenshots and some apps have completely crashed.

  • When Nokia 2.3 will get android 11 update in India can you please keep the date here..

    I'm very excited for it..

    It's almost half of the April passed and has no. Updates on It.. please tell me as soon as possible..

  • sana tariq sana tariq

    hi after updating my nokia 3.2 to andriod11 my two new sd cards are getting corrupted plus i lost some of my datas also pls let me know how can i get back my old version pls kindly guide me.

  • Benedict Nteza Benedict Nteza
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    Hi it is 20th nokia 2.2 in Uganda had not yet go the android 11 update

  • После установки Андроид 11 телефон перестал видеть SD-карту, говорит, что повреждено. Извлечь данные при подключении к компьютеру через USB кабель и через кард-ридер не получается. Многие приложения и игры перестали работать, не могу взять трубку когда мне звонят. Не возможно сделать фото, скриншоты, записать видео и аудио, говорит нет места на диске, хотя занято только половина на внутреннем накопителе и 22% на SD-карте. Срочно отменяйте обновление до предыдущей версии!!! Это беспредел какой-то!!! Так работать не возможно!!! Телефон Nokia 4.2

  • AndyUK AndyUK
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    It sounds like, even when Nokia do eventually get round to doing upgrades, that they should definitely not be trusted!

    This is the first Nokia I've bought in a very long time (15+ years!) and it will be the last I reckon.

  • AndyUK AndyUK
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    Oh, and for Nokia only to trouble themselves by making a post in community forums when they feel like it, and to have a less than useless support facility, is just unacceptable. Trust?! Ok then...

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