Latest order id of shipped devices

It would be helpful if someone can update us on the latest order id of shipped device

Latest order id of shipped devices

Sharang Agarwal Sharang Agarwal
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It would be helpful if someone can update us on the latest order id of shipped device


  • Around 20700, located in NCR, preordered & paid in full via card. Got it on 1st day itself (31st July).
  • shivm2323 shivm2323
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    order id 23*** and got shipped

  • which place my order id is 23740 still not shipped

  • My order also got shipped today order id 25xxx
    I am based out of Gurgaon, so hoping to get the phone tomorrow
  • user1535396535958 user1535396535958
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    Zzzzz. Nokia please wake up and ship it a bit faster.     T.T

  • Finally shipped, I am so happy now :D

    Order id : 23***

  • Finally! The shipment message is here, with my Black variant order no. 24xxx, arriving on 4th Sept. It was shipped on Sept 1st itself.
  • mine order #25*** also shipped....i m from Hooghly West Bengal
  • My 20*** blue varient shipped on 1 sept
  • Zzzzz. Nokia please wake up and ship it a bit faster.
  • Received the shipment tracking details for #24975 just 2 hours ago. Will be delivered on 6th September in Kanpur. Shipment started from Sonipat Haryana on 2nd September. Hope you get yours soon. 

  • I have ordered my mobile on 1st when is it going to be shipped and it is to late

    I expected the mobile will be delivered in 24hrs

    But you didn't
  • Hi, my order number is 237** for black color variant dated 29th Aug. and it was shipped on 1st of Sep, will be delivered by 4th in Pune. I purchased on No Cost EMI option.
  • Mine Ord id 24XXX, shipped on 01 Sep, received tracking detail today, its lying 02 kms from my residence since yesterday, but don't know when they will deliver? Delhivery is very cheap and unreliable service. Had a very bad experience for MI  mobile delivery earlier. Don't trust them and they don't allow you to even pick up.

  • Order nunber 233** will be delivered today in Kanpur City
  • When did you order the phone jndutta
  • user1535964111120 user1535964111120
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    Really it was my mistake and that i ordered from Nokia really
    Instead of Nokia if i orderder from Flip then might be phone can be in my hand today
    Never ever trust on Nokia site
    And also they no replying by doing this they down theire image
  •  My order number is 280** i wrote a mail to nokia to know about estimated date of delivery they said it hasn't shipped yet but the product will reach to you within 2-3 days and once it is shipped you'll get an AWB number with which you can track your order on delhivery website. Though when i placed the order on 1st September 2018 it was already told that shipment for new orders will begin from 6th September 2018

  • Mobile still not received. No response from Nokia?

  • I placed my order on (31/08/2018) my order no 26*** for me didn't came any msg still now 

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