Nokia Devices for New Wave of Retail Investors

Steven P.
Steven P. ✭✭
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Here's an idea I came up with that's very bare-bones in this discussion, but with the right plan, I think it has a very strong possibility to help people out.

General Thoughts: As in recent weeks, stocks and investing are becoming more and more popular. Retail investors are starting to explore different ways to invest.

Few Ideas of Many: A smartphone-designed device to make investing easier for those who are interested in this product (some models can be for strictly investing while others can have addons based on the customer's needs). Load it with popular investing apps and resources to help get new investors started, put a tutorial so they can start with the basics/ build a small foundation of knowledge before starting. Already a seasoned investor? Skip the tutorial and start investing right away.

Make It Affordable: Everyone should be allowed to invest, we should also try to help those wanting to learn without taking away finances that could be used for more important matters, especially with the pandemic. We can have different models with different specifics for those who are interested, but the base model should be affordable, reliable, and does everything as advertised. Payment plans should also be available, preferably with very little interest and/or based on the customer's needs!

PRIORITIES: Only one, the people. Make it user-friendly, keep it engaging, help the general public understand that investing does not need you to hire a stock-broker and you can do it all yourself with enough time and determination.

Let me know what you guys think! As I said, this is just the bare-bones of all the ideas I have for this product, but I would very much like to turn this idea into reality so any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a great rest of your day :)