Need Solution to Several Recurring Issues on Nokia 7 Plus

It has been long time since I am facing a good number of issues with my Nokia 7 Plus (though I don't remember since what monthly update they have been emerging).

Need Solution to Several Recurring Issues on Nokia 7 Plus

praveenp praveenp
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It has been long time since I am facing a good number of issues with my Nokia 7 Plus (though I don't remember since what monthly update they have been emerging).

  1. WiFi keeps on getting disconnected. Sometimes after every 5 minutes, it gets disconnected. No other device in my house which is not Nokia, is facing such an issue (coz my 9PV also faces the same issue). Even though the house Wifi network is scanned, it just shows "Saved", and does not gets connected automatically at many instances. I have to open the settings and then manually connect each time. For example, while chatting on Whatsapp or Insta, the messages fail to send even if the wifi shows connected. I need to toggle the wifi off-on to make sure the messages are sent. Sometimes, messages from my end are not sent, but I get the messages from the other person. During video calls, generally over Google Duo or Insta, either the network goes off even when the wifi is connected, or as always, the wifi gets disconnected. Also, the voice on the other side is received in cuts. I thought this might be an issue with my house wifi, but my other Samsung phone has no such issues, and if I connect my 7 Plus to any phone hotspot, then also the same thing happens.
  2. Storage and Cache of several apps never gets cleaned, especially Instagram. Even after clearing the cache multiple times, it still shows some 210MB or 309MB. I have cleared the storage too many times, and even reinstalled the app. But still this issue isn't solved. This happens from Google Play Store services too. Also, Google Chrome does not gets updated automatically if I select Update All in the play store. I have to manually do it, that too, multiple times.
  3. The phone Restarts Randomly out of nowhere. It happens while browsing, while typing, while scrolling through photos, just any time. And when it is getting restarted, the screen starts to BLINK while the Android One logo and then the Nokia logo appears until the homescreen appears.
  4. Sometimes, the earphone functionality gets reversed. When the earphones are plugged in, the sound comes from Speakers, and when plugged out, it stops coming.
  5. Earlier, only GCam took time to save and process the clicked images. But now, even the default camera app, when clicking a Portrait Shot using Front camera, takes nearly 10 seconds to process the image (this is displayed in a similar manner in the notification panel, like GCam images being processed).
  6. Since I do not have an internet pack on my number, I do not use mobile data on my 7 Plus. But since I have to Restart the device for a minimum 8-10 times a day, every time when I restart, the mobile data gets on, and by the time phone is set-up, the balance gets deducted. I have changed some settings from developer options that I read in some article, but still it happens. Though I now have deleted the Access Point, and now it is not deducting any amount from main balance, however, it still gets switched ON when the phone restarts. Also, now I am not even getting the internet settings from the operator (I changed 2 SIM cards, but didn't received any settings).
  7. Notifications from several apps are not received as they come. For example, if I get a message on Instagram, unless I open the app, I do not get any notification. Or, even for Google Duo, many times I miss a number of calls as there is no notification from the app. It is when I open the app, then I start getting all the notifications all of a sudden.
  8. The phone has started to lag a lot. Even while scrolling through homescreens, there are stutters in the UI.
  9. After every restart, the VIBRATIONS are gone. Even if the phone is on vibrate mode, there are none. There is no haptic feedback at all. Notifications are silent. I have to call from other number to start the vibration motor. It becomes like a diesel car that needs some push in winters in order to turn on it's engine.

Please suggest fixes to these issues. I genuinely DO NOT want to waste any money on this device now. But still, until I make up my mind to purchase a new, good smartphone, I have to use this only.

Also tell whether Backup and Restore would do any fruitful work or not. And since my Google Drive has only 3GB free, and the total filled space in my phone is around 25GB, will there be any issues while taking backup? And should I restore the same backup (as it happens sometimes that some app or program is creating a problem and if we restore the same backup, the issues again start to appear).

Thanks in advance.


  • Tejas01 Tejas01
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    Facing some of the issues you mentioned. Gave up on Nokia already.

    Nokia is dead, long live Nokia.

    Save money and get a good device. I have already got Poco X3 and couldn't be more happier. Everything works as what you would expect from a phone.

    Regarding backup, make a copy on another device like PC since you have low memory. Also while restoring, restore from scratch. It eliminates any possibility of app going rogue due to some issue. It's a time taking process but you eliminate any chance of app giving you trouble.

    Hope you would jump this sinking ship soon... It's a pain.

  • praveenp praveenp
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    Yes, thinking of moving back to old brand, Samsung. But as of now, have to live with 7 Plus for a few months.

    Thanks for the help.

  • prasad134 prasad134
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    Yup already facing a lot of the above mentioned issues...

    Thank you for bringing all these under one thread...but its of no use now...

    Coz there's only one solution - Say bye bye to Nokia

    Seriously , when they re-launched Nokia everyone was so amazed by Nokia 7 Plus and other phones... everyone was really happy with the quality of their phones...

    But the software after Oreo was so bad...they never improved...and literally killed their best hardware...they killed Nokia once again...Congrats HMD👏🏻👏🏻

    Just a few months and i would never see Nokia ever again...would never suggest it to anyone ever...STAY AWAY FROK NOKIA would be my advice!!😤😤

  • ajbe ajbe
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    Sorry to hear of all the problems you are having. I have had my 7 Plus for over 2 1/2 years and not experienced any of the issues you are having. The phone is just as good today as when I purchased it. I rate this phone as highly as my Nexus 5 which was amazing value in its day. It's strange that users of the 7 Plus can have such different experiences.

  • The solution is a Factory Reset

  • praveenp praveenp
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    IT DIDN'T WORKED. Did Factory Reset last night, but the major issues of Wifi getting disconnected and App Cache not getting deleted still persist.

    However, regarding other issues, I'll get to know about them after using for a few days, as it has been less than 24hrs that I have used the phone.

  • AniketThakur AniketThakur
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    I will also switch this year ,just waiting for 5g band spectrum finalization in India. We can have a discussion before purchase 😛

  • AniketThakur AniketThakur
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    See Nokia has software issues (4.16B)

    1. No ldac or even acc

    2. Random restarts (10 based on Fault Aosp)

    3. Gcam issues

    4. When I use YouTube music my screen wakes up after taking a sweet 3 to 5 secs time

    5. Systems file taking 25gb of space

  • prasad134 prasad134
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    Same...waiting for these 4G auctions to get maybe we can have a good news about the 5G bands soon...Indian govt is taking ages to recognise 5G bands...

    Even switching to other brand is a hassle... i really dont wanna go to Samsung...their UI still feels like it has remnants of the TouchWiz UI which i hated...but Samsung and OnePlus are the only options left anyways🤔🤔

    Do you know what will be the most embarrassing thing for HMD? Their users discussing on their forum about ditching Nokia and which phone to buy after that😂😂

    HMD , can you see how far have you pushed your own users? May you understand your users plight someday😕😕

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    😈😈 Deleting the thread in 3...2...1... 😋

    Well I don't think discussing this breaks the forum rules. So, I won't. It's okay I guess. They gotta reap what they sow. If they launched devices without enough RnD and hired poor developers, the users aren't gonna stick for too long. The market is crowded. So many vendors and somehow everybody is doing good phones other than hmd. Yeah the designs, materials, in-hand feel may not be of the Nokia levels, but at least the phones work great when it comes to functionality and reliability.

  • praveenp praveenp
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    Completely agree.

    In my 10 years of smartphone usage (and may be in the next few years to come too), Nokia 7 Plus has been the best phone in terms of design, look and feel. And I think, even HMD won't be able to recreate such a masterpiece again.

    But sadly, on all other fronts, it has been ruined. Completely.

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