Nokia 5.3

Having problems with WiFi on Nokia 5.3 done hard reset still the same problem


  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Try having your device inspected at a Nokia Care point :)

  • My daughter has the same problem as me the WiFi keeps going off same as mine and the battery is going down very quick as well we only have the phone since Christmas

  • I can't resolve WiFi calling issues (dropped calls and dead spots in voice) with my Nokia 5.3. My wife and I have the same phones and are experiencing the same issues. We were excited about our new phones now we regret ever buying them. So little information out there about this model. So little information available on this forum. I can't even post a specific question. What a disappointment, all around

  • 03/15/21: I can't get my Nokia 5.3 to connect to my pc computer running Windows 10. The Nokia icon shows up in the This PC window. I can even tell how much free space the hard drive and SIM card have. But the photos on the phone don't appear. When I drag a pic from my computer to the phone icon, I get an error message saying, "Something Went Wrong."

    In my Nokia settings, I click on CONNECTED DEVICES. After connecting my 5.3 to my computer with my USB cord, I click on USB in the Connected Devices window. I then click on the radio button titled, "FILE TRANSFER." After doing these steps, I still cannot transfer any files. I'm thinking my USB cord is only a power cord and not a data cord. But I bought a data least I think it was a data cord. Still, no luck.

    Am I doing something wrong? Can someone recommend a data cord to me so I know I'm buying a data cord? Thanks. -steven

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Hi, when you connect the USB, and select the File Transfer option from the notifications area, the file transfer should work. Can you try that on another PC if you have access to one?