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We received updates from HMD without any late... But now I do not know why updates are so late... Specialy Android 11 update... Most of other brands have received... Android one Nokia still no? Only one mobile of Nokia has received Android 11 ... I could remember HMD promised to fast update... But?

I have 4 Nokia mobiles... But now I don't recommend Nokia to others....


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  • Yes, doesn't have any answers from company about launch android 11 in time, still waiting for Nokia 8.1

  • MMF
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    Nokia appears to have missed its Android 11 update rollout deadline as Q1 nears its end. The OEM has instead prioritized a trivial security patch over the Android 11 update for the Nokia 5.3 and 2.3.

    The Nokia 8.1 is scheduled to receive the Android 11 update this March itself as per official sources.

  • MMF
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    Nokia’s Android 11 update release promises remain unfulfilled as Q1 2021 end nears.

    The Nokia 1.3, 4.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.4, 2.2, 8.1, and 5.3 devices should have received the Android 11 update by now.

    Adding more fuel to the fire, the company has cast down Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 2.3 users by releasing a trivial security patch instead of the Android 11 update

  • Lawrence JB
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    Yes I do agree there are delays with A11 which is frustrating but believe me A11 changes are minimal when compared to A10.

    The delays should be to give a bug free update across the portfolio as we all know what happened with A10, way too many bugs and it took more than 5 months for them to release a fix. I am talking about the specific models such as Nokia 6.1, 6.1 plus,7.1 and 7 plus.

    So in conclusion, better to wait than to complain.

  • Sir Android 11 has launched almost 6 months before , how much more should we wait . I know Android 11 is minimal but if this is the case then they should have given this update much early

  • Lawrence JB
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    I agree, I was wrong here, the real reason for the delay was because of the fact that Nokia this time was not included in the Android Developer Program for A11. Why this happened? No one knows.

    So, forget Nokia and go with some other brand like Micromax, if you want only Stock Android.