OS optimization still required! *RANT*

HMD Global needs to step up their game! Otherwise they will kill the Nokia brand for good. The initial days of Nokia devices were really promising.

OS optimization still required! *RANT*

HMD Global needs to step up their game! Otherwise they will kill the Nokia brand for good. The initial days of Nokia devices were really promising. Elegant devices and amazing software experiences! Nokia 6 and 7 Plus were big sellers cause of that.

They used better materials and good software support to begin with. With every new phone being launched the focus has shifted in my opinion. Nokia 3.4 and 5.4 are almost identical devices. Both suffering from the same software issues. Quality control is no where to be found.

Highly disappointed by how they are destroying the Nokia brand we love so much! I don't understand how even Google is okay with crippled devices and awful software. Android One is meant to be top notch. How are these devices even approved looking at the market competition! Unbelievable to say the least!

I really want them to succeed but looking at the current trend, they are not going to survive for long! Please prove us wrong!


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Puns aside, I believe the software on the devices has gone somewhat better than the example devices you have used there (7 Plus). Yes, there's a lot to be done for better software tuning.

    But one factor of the blame is also the Android One platform as a whole. It is one thing that limits the OEMs capabilities and relies solely on Google-provided apps and services, on which the OEM barely has any control other than delivering as-is.

  • Makay Chapulets Makay Chapulets
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    Then they should cancel support of Google's Android One altogether (Just like Xiaomi and some other cheap Chinese brands do) and start running their own custom Android... But instead cos of their lazy **** and lack of interest in R&D they still ship their devices with buggy Android One OS.

  • Artur BeHappy Artur BeHappy
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    The touchscreen is constantly freezing. The screen does not respond to actions for a couple of seconds. fix it!

  • akbarkhandotpk akbarkhandotpk
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    So the February update for the Nokia 3.4 and 5.4 made the devices much better in day to day operations but there are still a lot of bugs.

    Like the touch responsiveness lags every now and then. Switching on the flashlight from the lock screen doesn't do anything. Recent apps don't respond to the clear all functions. The launcher itself needs an overhaul.

    Also, the camera apps on both need a lot of optimization to compete with the likes of Xiaomi and Samsung in the same price brackets. Just installing GCAM on both show the hardware has capability to shine more. Being let down by the camera app and computational photography being used as of now.

    There is a lot of potential and I see HMD trying to fix issues as well which is a good thing! Would love to see them grow and deliver more!

  • Grindelwald Grindelwald
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    A week ago I upgraded to 5.4 (TA-1337) from my trusty 5 (TA-1024) and hardware wise, it's great except the stupid google assistant button.

    Software wise, however, it's a constant source of frustration and annoyance.

    The list begins with:

    1. The most infuriating thing is that i cannot use the google calendar without a google account. It says I am not logged into my account and it is not letting me even see the calendar. I don't have a google account I refuse to have one ever! Not sure it is a Nokia's doing or Google's, but it's ridiculous. New "fancy" phone and i can't have this base functionality!

    2. I can't set up properly a wallpaper. I put a picture with the same resolution of the screen, and still the phone cropped it and zoomed in. I tried everything but it still does it with all pictures regardless of resolution.

    3. Responsiveness of the touchscreen is not good. It's vague and don't register touch properly, same thing for the fingerprint sensor.

    Also, it's very infuriating how sometimes when I press on the fingerprint sensor, the phone vibrate once (meaning it has recognised my finger) it still says: "for additional security unlock with the pattern" (which I have set up as a secondary unlocking way) So, since it has recognised my finger why in the name of all that is holy it can't just unlock? Why you needlesly complicate stuff?

    4. Screen rotation is also buggy. Normally I keep autorotate off and when I put it on without moving the phone, it still rotates once or twice, like it can't decide in which orientation it wants to be.

    5. There is a frequent cracking noise when I watch videos or listen to music. The cracking is present both when I use headphones or use the phone's speaker.

    Those just a few that come up in my mind now, but there are surely more that I'll add later maybe.

  • Helvetti Helvetti
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    I have some of these problems too.

    Fingerprint sensor does not detect my finger half of the time. (Even at best conditions, like moisture and so on)

    The cracking noise is the worst! It is present even in a video that I filmed + a green line under every video!

    Also the auto screen brightness is too aggressive (falling to 0% at not completely dark conditions) and sometimes fluctuating the brightness without change in lighting conditions.

    And lastly, what it takes for you to finally fix that ear-splitting jingle at start up?

    Seriously at least give us choice to lower it down or turn it off!

    The work round the jingle by turning "do not disturb" before turning the phone off, does not work anymore!

    Take care of your costumers better HMD or they will slowly start to trickle away.

  • Sushant J Sushant J
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    Nokia 5.4 front camera need much needed optimization, even my old Nokia 7.2 does a better job.

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