Are Nokia 5.3 cases compatible with the 5.4?

I'm asking as the two phones look the same and there seems to be a shortage of decent cases for the 5.4.


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  • badger810
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    @AndyUK Technically they will fit, however please note that the flash will be covered on 5.4 as it isn't on the circular camera module as the 5.3 is. I managed to get a carbon fibre looking case from eBay for around £3.95 that fits the 5.4 properly or you can get a clear case for around £3.00.


  • RQTM
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    I don't thik so as Nokia 5.3 is a bigger device compared to 5.4. nokia 5.3 is 6.55'' while nokia 5.4 is 6.39''.

  • badger810
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    Tbh it is only millimetres, so you can hardly notice the difference when a 5.3 case is on the 5.4. I used my old clear case from my 5.3 till I got a new one specifically for the 5.4.

  • S.F
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    I wanted to know if a case for a 3.4 would fit my 5.4 and didnt think I'd find someone with the same problem. Just got a 5.4, but all stores are clean out of cases, cept for a few 3.4 cases. The phones are identical in terms of dimensions but judging by image comparisons the camera module or the 3.4 seems a bit small than that of the 5.4. you guys think it would fit ? Thanks tons.

  • I heard they are, just the flash light will be blocked, if using 5.3 case on Nokia 5.4

  • Думаю что нет... 5.3 больше чем 5.4, несколько другое расположение отверстий на чехле... Чехлов на 5.4 полно на Алиэкспресс...