March 18th, 2021 "Official Unlock Bootloader" NOKIA 7 Plus

i had a dream last night, "Maybe a Dream" 😇

March 18th, 2021 "Official Unlock Bootloader" NOKIA 7 Plus

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i had a dream last night, "Maybe a Dream"



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    It's been three years since the release of the Nokia 7 Plus

    3 years

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    There's no way hmd is going to fulfill that dream mate, the probability is so close to 0 that I thought I'll just remind you to not believe in the dreams 😛

  • AndreaM AndreaM
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    I'm genuinely disappointed.

    I have a Nokia 7 plus and since it's not getting any other major update, I don't understand why Nokia does not release an official bootloader unlock.

    I know that the vast majority of phone users don't care about it, but I think that to really own a phone, you should be able to do whatever you want with it, including change the operating system with a custom rom.

    It's disappointing to see that a great phone like the Nokia 7 plus, with so much potential, isn't unlockable because Nokia decided so.

    When I bought this phone it became my phone so, because it is mine, I should be the one deciding what to do with it.

    If I want to modify my phone I should be able to do it, obviously taking the responsibility for the unapproved modifications I will decide to make.

    In conclusion, I say that Nokia should only advise me on what to do with my phone and not imposing on me its decisions.

    I'd like to recommend Nokia phones and I'd like to buy a new one when this one will eventually die because I think that are good-looking and provide a good user experience.

    Unfortunately, this closure to open source and modifications is seriously holding me from doing that, especially in my case where for months I had serious problems due to buggy updates and I wasn't even able to downgrade to the previous official build.

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