Nokia 8.3 5G intermittent vibration while on charge

Dr4g0n36 ✭✭
edited March 2021 in Nokia 8.3 5G

As title says, while my phone is on charge continuosly make that little double vibration like "face unlock" or "fingerprint unlock" fail, almost twice at minute untill full charge. Changing adapter as remove sound and vibration while on charge (under setting,sound, advanced) doesn't solve this issue. Anyone has the same problem, it's a faulty unit or an android 11 glitch? Phone is 5 days old.


  • I have noticed the same issue since the Android 11 update. I thought it was the face unlock repeatedly attempting to recognise a face but I'm not sure. Definitely not just your unit with the problem.

  • So we are expecting an update? I Hope so...didn't read similar problem here or on reddit, Is quite hidden

  • I have the exact same problem. I turned off ambient mode and it seemed to stop.

  • Check to see if there are any NFC items on the backside of the phone, even a credit card can trigger this. Otherwise check the cable to see if it's defective or see if the socket is lose.