Let's tag Juho on Twitter for his fast to follow Tweet

Khatri Shabbirahemad Junas
edited March 2021 in Nokia 5.3

Last month CPO Juho made tweet for quick release of Android 11 but nothing has happened yet. One should be committed to words. He is not responding to feedback for Android 11 release so it is request to all of you to tag sarvikas for getting him realised about his quick Android 11 release words of below metioned tweet.


Even we should ask sarvikas by mail also for his words of quick Android 11 release; following is email id:

Email removed for privacy

Sarvikas is not responding to me even after lots of mail and tweet but if we all do tweet and mail; he may realise his words of quick Android 11 release.

It is request to all of you to support by mail and tweet. It is ok, if we get Android 11 in near future but we should send clear message to Sarvikas about his word of Fast Follow or else in future; he may again make uncommitted statements.