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 I was thinking of buying this phone but reading this is putting me off. It's a shame it looked like a good phone for me.

Applications closing in background


  •  I was thinking of buying this phone but reading this is putting me off.

    It's a shame it looked like a good phone for me.

    With that crippling bug I couldn't buy it especially with it causing crashes.

    Nokia need to sort it out.

  • Any update on this?

    A month old Nokia 5 and this bug is a show stopper, phone was great until the 7.1.2 update. Even changing orientation resets some apps back to the initial start screen.

    Close to sending phone back as not fit for purpose and NOT pure Android as advertised.
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     I can confirm what user1510406824432 is saying about the memory bugs. After the november security patch update, the phone kept the background tasks in memory for while, in my case, lasted almost 2 days before he started killing the background tasks. After that the phone was running like before the update, with no multitasking capabilities.  I tried a factory reset, and i got another 1,5-2 days of multitasking capabilities. The same happened after a restart.

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     @Nokia: Could you please update on this thread - whether if you have identified the issue and when you would be able to deliver fix? This is important to resolve this bug as soon as possible. We wish if you could timely update the status.

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    It's been suggested that the bug is fixed in the November patch that was released for the Dual-SIM variant (TA-1053). The build and kernel versions are later than the ones in the November patch for the TA-1024.

    I doubt HMD will bother to release a patch between security updates. We will likely get a fix in the December update or Oreo.
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    Yeah , TA-1053 ,. got an November update with the patch. And i now t's working well and smoothly. And Background apps are alive .
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    "Me: Can you answer to my question regarding to Nokia 5 RAM-managment issue or not? When I get a fix for that? In the December patch or in Oreo? If you can't understand my question don't waste each others time.
    Support: Just a moment please
    Support: Would you please first give me more details about the issue?
    Me: Joke. This so-called support is a joke. Have a beautiful day!
    Support: May I assist you with anything today, Oliver?"
    Well done, HMD! Well done! If you can't understand a problem maybe there isn' any.
  • Forget about solution for applications closing in the background. I dought they had fully understand this issue or not. Because we have been talking regarding this issue from quite some time now & the result is nil. Forget it.
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    Because the dual SIM variant has a different firmwire already and because I heard that there's no such thing as an issue about the RAM-management I hope they fix it for us as well. The support is clueless, but maybe HMD not so much. If Oreo (beta) is behind the corner already probably that's why they don't do much to solve this problem. But the communication is terrible anyway.

  • I have a dual sim nokia 5 and the build version which says its fixed but its not it sometimes works when using only two apps and only if u switch between them constantly if u left an open in background for more than 5 min it reloades

    Restart solved the problem for couple of hours
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    I bought Nokia 5 as I really liked Nokia in past plus pure Android is what I was looking for. Software issues are so disappointing as it looks it is not pure android and HMD did some changes which started causing issues. Fortunately for me I had a chance to return phone. I added £30 and changed into Motorola G5 Plus. 3 GB ram instead of 2, Snapdragon 625 instead of 430. Multitasking works fine, great camera, pure android. Updates a bit slower but expecting Oreo in few weeks time. My 3rd Moto G in last years. Worth change. I will back to Nokia when it will be a bit more mature product.
  • Unfortunately I can confirm that the Oreo Beta has not fixed the issue. Around 18 hours after installing it the problem has returned and now my handset is unable to keep any apps in memory, other than the foreground app. It looks like I'll still need to restart the handset multiple times a day just to keep it functioning properly.
  • RikHS RikHS

    Absolutely shocking. This is a critical flaw and the fix should have been expedited. They are either incredibly unprofessional or incompetent.

    At the moment I reboot every morning and most days it makes it though without getting cranky.

    At the very least they should have published the 7.1.1 factory image so we can revert to a stable version of the operating system.

    Not sure why I'm bothering to type this, I doubt anyone from HMD will read this.

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    Mr. Sarvikas (HMD Chief Product Officer) replied me on Twitter if they ever gonna fix this:
    "Yes we will. I was looking at Beta Labs feedback and seeing this popping up. Working on root cause. Thank you for the vigilance!"
    So there's hope to fix the issue once and for all.

  • Nokia's chat support is useless.  They had me clear the cache on the carrier services app as well as enable developer mode and "turn off whatever may be turned on under the apps settings" which was nothing. . .

  • This seriously **** me off too...I can't multitask with my phone. I get a code or want to copy something and paste on an application and I have to start all over again... I really regret buying this phone... What a waste of money...when I want to multitask I have to carry my jotter around...this definitely ain't a smart phone
  • I have this problem and it really **** me off.

    I actually regret buying this phone

    What is going on with you Nokia, you can't really fix this MAJOR problem ?
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    Fix is on its way to Oreo beta users as an official HMD employee reclaims. So wait for it.
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    This is fixed in Dec security update, go to the battery setting and disable unnecessary activities will help.
  • And yet here I stand after 2/3 months since the "they are aware and will be releasing a fix" on Android 8 Oreo official release having to restart my phone every day since it can't keep apps open in the background. Disappointed. Not worthy of the brand NOKIA if you ask me. Getting a new phone.
  • No, for me it is fixed with the Oreo updates - last two updates work. Just when I was about to ditch the phone they fixed 1) multitasking - works perfectly 2) WiFi issues - can use home access point again and 3) as bonus the phone does up to 3 days on single charge instead of barely two. 

    If only the new (Oreo?) camera app was not such a pile of crap I'd be all happy. 

  • RikHS RikHS

    On 5-22A, for me, the problem returned after 8 days on a TA-1024. And that was with a factory reset after the update.

    Some have reported this fixed, for others it's just the same so there may be a random element. Or it may depend on what types of apps you run. I mostly just run stock apps although I do run a Wi-Fi calling app that is running in the background the whole time - maybe that gives a lead on where to look.

    Either way the memory heap seems to get corrupted in a way that makes the system think it has little or no RAM available and it closes apps as soon as they go into the background. If something has been fixed it was not the only cause.

    Hopefully the engineers will look at this again and do long term tests / real world use. It's a shame, its a great phone and if it wasn't for this flaw it would be perfect.

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    You're correct that HMD pushed a change in the Dec. Update to specifically address this issue. Their solution was to turn off battery optimizations for ALL apps. This is a half-baked solution IMHO as it artificially fixes the problem at the expense of battery performance and shows that they can't or won't fix the underlying issue just yet. After a day or so, apps running in the background begin to run unstable and crash again or cause the phone to slow to a crawl forcing many people to have to reboot daily to keep things running.

    To those suggesting the fix be to emulate HMD's "solution" and disable battery optimizations on apps you need, I would say this is not a true fix and that HMD needs to resolve the underlying issue and adjust their battery optimization runtimes to restore the ability for optimized apps to wake up and not die a horrible death in the background.
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    I contacted customer services about this issue and received the following reply:

    "... I understand that this situation is frustrating. lets we try to go to save mode regarding the apps that keep crash probably some app is the problem. Try booting your device in Safe Mode. Safe Mode will disable third-party apps and help you closed the issues. There’s a chance one of your apps is causing the problem. If you aren’t familiar with the process You can use safe mode to start your device with only the original software. Some apps that you can download can make your device keep restarting itself, freezing, crashing, or be slow. If the issues go away in safe mode, an app downloaded on your device probably caused them."

    I left the phone on Safe Mode for 2 days and the problems still persists. It was working fine with android 7.1.1 but after an update to Oreo 8.0.0 the apps keep being closed after minutes running in the background.

    The annoying part for me is that I listen to music and podcasts and every 20 min or so the playing just stops and I have to get the phone to reopen it.

    I can see that the app has been closed because the player widget and the artwork on the lockscreen are gone.

    It is really upsetting that this problem has been going on for so many months with no real fix. The reason I bought this specific phone was the fact that Nokia promised updates and if you need to roll back to 7.1.1 there is really no advantage over other makers.

    I'm using a Nokia 5 model TA-1024 (security patch Feb. 2018). 

    My advice for now is to stay away from this phone.

  • In Android Oreo 8 goto System > Developer options > Apps > and Turn off "Don't keep activities"
    this option destroy every activity as soon as the user leave it

    i wish this can help u

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    @hitchhiker42 I have the same phone model, but haven't had serious issues with apps closing in the background since one of the Oreo betas – some apps *do* close after a while, but it tends to be ones that use a lot of RAM, and may even be intended behaviour from the app developers.

    I've never, ever had an app close while it's playing music. Sometimes when I pause music, the app closes itself after a few minutes, but what you're experiencing sounds far more frustrating. Which app do you use to listen to music/podcasts? Have you tried going into settings --> battery --> background activity manager, and making sure the activity cleaner is off and/or all apps are added to the whitelist?
  • @user1520584926673 I tried your suggestion but still no luck.

    @adbenj Frustration is the word. I work in a manufacturing plant and wear heavy duty gloves, so I keep podcast playlists that I control via bluetooth to avoid reaching for my phone. I tried a soft reset, factory reset, safe mode, whitelisting the apps, changing the settings under battery and developer tabs, all to no avail. I mainly use podcast addict, but even using google play music in safe mode solves nothing. The odd thing is, if the phone is charging or the screen is kept on there's no problem whatsoever. As soon as the screen goes off I can start the 20 min countdown.

    After a week of back and forth emails with nokia care I finally got a RMA label but when I tried to post it at a dhl service point the guy said there was some missing information and couldn't complete the postage. After all this hassle I got tired and returned the phone to the retailer and got myself a motorola G5S that is playing Dear Hank and John right now with no interruptions. Maybe mine was a faulty device, but before the update the phone never gave me any trouble.

  • I have the same problem as hitchhicker. Using a music app and it closes after 30 minutes or so. It's the same app i used before the Oreo update. I tried turning off battery management but it did no good. Please fix this nokia. This thread should not be marked as answered.
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    Here's how I'm finally happy with the phone: 

    Aggressively disallow running apps in the background. I have 110 apps installed, only 15 are allowed to run in the background.

    Uninstall any Google property you can live without, especially the full blown Google Photos and Google Maps app. Switch from Chrome to Firefox etc.

    This gave me ca. 400-500 MB additional RAM back and the phone is actually a joy to use now.

  • user1510388091747 user1510388091747
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    No this issue is definitely not answered. Almost all audio apps stops and notification disappears after 30 something minutes. I must say I find it really annoying and hope an update fixing this issue will arrive very soon.
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