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Thanks @snacko. I'll try it now. Hope it works.

Applications closing in background


  • sach sach
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    Thanks @snacko. I'll try it now. Hope it works.
  • Voyager14 Voyager14
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    I also experience the same issue with my Nokia 5 since I got Android 8.0.0. All the audio apps (even Google Play) I tried get stopped 30 minutes after going into screen off mode. 

    But the issue is larger than this : it happens also with any other type of application : any application that is supposed to run while in screen off  gets stopped after  30 minutes. As an example, I sometime use my phone as a voice recorder : the recording application gets killed after 30 minutes.

    I went into all the settings (battery, backgroung task manager, etc..), but it doesn't help.

    The only workarround I've found so far is installing an application that prevents Doze from killing the background apps (CPU awake).

    Nokia, please fix this issue !   Nokia, please fix this issue !   Nokia, please fix this issue !   Nokia, please fix this issue !  

  • adbenj adbenj
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    Okay, I've experienced audio stopping after half an hour now. I've also had an audio app stop running in the background – stop running, not pause – simply because I received a notification from another app. What the heck is going on? How many betas did we have? Four? And this is what we've ended up with? Like much of what we've experienced from HMD and this phone in particular, it's utterly unacceptable.

  • Aníbal Pavão Aníbal Pavão
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    Yup after two months of use, factory resets, latest updates the phone kept having tremendous problems that made it unusable. Bought it for 150€ and sold it for 130€. I'm back at my p9 lite. And I don't plan on having a Nokia so soon. Actually thinking about getting a redmi 5 plus or redmi note 5 pro next. Which I'm sure are actually worth my money and respect the users.. Bye.
  • I think this is more an Android and usage question.

    How many apps do you have installed and how many do you allow to run in the background? You only have 2 GB of RAM. So taking care is very easy: Settings - Battery - Manager for Background Activies).

  • user1510406824432 user1510406824432
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    It's definitely not an Android issue. Yes, 2GB is limiting, but compare the Nokia 5 with the identically specced Moto G5, the G5 has no issues retaining apps in memory.

    HMD have set a hard limit on background apps to kill them after 30 minutes. If you only have Spotify open and no other app and leave it playing, the app will close and the music will shut off at exactly 30 minutes. This is annoying in general, but just plain dangerous when driving, requiring you to pull over to restart the app.

    The only way around this is to install WakeLock CPU Awake which keeps the apps running at the expense of overall performance and battery life.
  • Tianly Tianly
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    If you can upgrade to oreo 8.1 then it's a MUST! Many problems are solved after upgrading and doing a factory reset after. At least that's from my experience. Music no longer stops after 30 minutes. It's fixed, you can play music as long as you want.
  • @Tianly : This is good news ! Let us know if you observe some regressions in other areas with that Oreo 8.1. By the way, this update is not available in France yet. In which country are you located ?
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    OP here, I really didn't think this thread will be alive so long, but here is my update.

    GOT THE UPDATE 8.0 - downloaded and installed right away - slowness beyond the word sorry. I mean this just ruined the whole experience.

    So I did what someone has suggested and I did the factory reset

    WONDER - the phone was fast, everything worked as it should, great response time, no hanging, lag etc. 

    Until about a day after where everything went back to NORMAL FOR NOKIA 5

    I really don't understand how can you possibly badly optimize a phone on stock anrdoid. It's like someone gives you a freaking rock and you mess it up. 

    I am selling mine online, but no one wants it. Price is on the low end, yet no one calls. 

    Mark my words, never will I get Nokia again.

    The worst part is that I got this as a business phone. I am not a gamer, I don't use that many things, not many apps, just a regular use. Quite a few accounts (emails, calling apps etc) but nothing more than that.

    I don't see who the targeted group for this phone was, but what I thought is a well built snappy phone that's great for business users, it turns out it's only great for throwing it at the wall for fun. I don't see any other use.

    Feel bad for people who don't have much money and have spent their savings to have a nice phone, because this is not it, and they were cheated out of their money. Shame for NOKIA (if you can call them that anymore) 

  • Tianly Tianly
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    @Voyager14 I'm from the Philippines. In my experience it's more responsive and smoother than nougat and oreo 8.0. No issues so far. I'm happy with it. 


  • I upgraded to 8.1 on my TA-1024 (UK) using the India VPN trick to get the OTA. I've been using it for 3 days and have noticed that general system responsiveness is much improved over 8.0. Apps are still being retained in memory, and the 30 minute app killing is no longer happening.

    It needed a Factory Reset though. Some things (like memory card access, and USB storage access) were causing crashes after updating from 8.0, but are fine after a reset.
  • Same problem with my Nokia 5 TA-1024 Italy with Android 8.1 June security patch. When this problem will be solved?????
  • The problem was solved by Google in Android. The problem is that you have too many background apps running and consuming memory. Go to settings, battery and see the number of background apps allowed. Click on the manager, activate it and disallow most of the applications. For most it is more than necessary if they update their data when your start them in the foreground. This is a general issue in Android compared to e. g. Windows (Mobile) that there is no perfect ressource management, incl. CPU.

  • Snacko Snacko
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    Android 8.1 with June patch and the problem seems finally fixed for me. I disabled the manual background management† and apps are still kept in the background.

    †But the Nokia implementation of background app management is a disgrace. Unclear description and UI, settings are randomly activated and deactivated. This was a cheap phone and the timely updates are great, but Nokia has to ramp up their quality on first party software. I give them another another shot with the 6.1 now, but if that's bad again I'm switching.

  • I allowed 39 apps to run in the background, and this number did not change for several weeks now. So I see absolutely no issue here. For sure, after installing an additional app I have to re-check and block this one, too.
  • user1535885788158 user1535885788158
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    I'm having a very similar problem with Nokia 5.1 :(
  • Have the same issue. Only three apps allowed in the background on Nokia 5.

  • Restart the phone every day or 2. No other way with Nokia. They do not care about us :)

  • How many apps do you have installed? -> Play Store, My Apps, Installed: (number) shown

    I now own a Nokia 7 Plus, too, and as this one has 1 GB more (and faster) RAM it is always lightning fast. My Nokia 5 became faster after I uninstalled a lot of installed apps. My 7+ currently has 169 apps installed.

  • 3-4 apps running. 7 installed
  • Oliver, it's a special problem with Nokia 5. They actually admitted it on Twitter, but no-one even tried to fix it. To be honest, no problems are fixed with this company unless it makes headlines. That's why I will never-ever buy any Nokia device again. Too bad I'm stuck with this crap for few upcoming years now.

  • slaeyer slaeyer
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    This same issue affects Nokia 6 2017 as well.  The ONLY REAL working solution is to reboot every day or 2.  I've heard that new phones from HMD don't have this issue but I have no personal experience with them.

  • Well.. You can roll back to 7.1.1 if you want to. That helps. But Oreo has too many good functions that Nougat didn't have. 

  • Finally got background apps to work on Nokia 6.1. 

    Tested over 1 week and no issues. This is what I did

    Settings --> Battery --> Background Activity Manager. 

    Here, Blacklist is enabled. Almost all apps are blacklisted from working in background. 

    Disable the apps, which you want to work in the background. Then it'll start working. It won't refresh. Connectiong would be active. 

  • Same issue on TA-1053, Oreo 8.1.0 November security patch (bought the phone 2 weeks ago, new from the store).

    I'm thinking HMD is secretly hogging user resources for big data crunching (you don't get all that financing for nothing I persume), but they can't hide it well.

    This is a performance issue worthy of a class action lawsuit, the device does not perform as advertised!
  • Same situation after Pie update! HMD is not doing anything about this...  :# 
  • Same situation after Pie update! HMD is not doing anything about this...  :# 
    I think it's worse on Pie than it ever was on Oreo. Before apps were just reverting to their initial state, but now they're disappearing from the overview screen altogether so it says 'no recent items'.
  • Omar2005 Omar2005
    Guys u can solve this issue by just plugging your phone to ur pc and do the following:

    Uninstall the com.evenwell.powersaving.g3 package via the following adb commands:

    adb shell
    pm uninstall --user 0 com.evenwell.powersaving.g3
  • Guirri Guirri
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    Omar2005 said:
    Guys u can solve this issue by just plugging your phone to ur pc and do the following:

    Uninstall the com.evenwell.powersaving.g3 package via the following adb commands:

    adb shell
    pm uninstall --user 0 com.evenwell.powersaving.g3
    Solve batery and messeging problems?
  • SamGBR SamGBR
    > @Omar2005 said:
    > Guys u can solve this issue by just plugging your phone to ur pc and do the following:
    > Uninstall the com.evenwell.powersaving.g3 package via the following adb commands:
    > adb shell
    > pm uninstall --user 0 com.evenwell.powersaving.g3

    How do you do this- is there a step by step guide anywhere? My Nokia 8 has just started to do this and it's bl**dy annoying!
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