Does every smartphone have to be huge now?

I have a Nokia 7.1. I like it. It has functioned well and is if a convenient size at about 5.8 inches.

Does every smartphone have to be huge now?

Spartacus Spartacus
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I have a Nokia 7.1. I like it. It has functioned well and is if a convenient size at about 5.8 inches. I just saw the specs for the new Nokia 5.4, which is apparently 6.39 inches. In fact, virtually all of the new smartphones coming out appea to be this big and in many cases bigger.

What are the chances of getting one if these moderately priced phones, with specs otherwise in the range of the 5.4 or 7.1, that is a bit smaller? Again, 5.8 inches for my current phone has been good. Preferably something closer to that.

Is it possible? I am sure I am not the only person who does not want a huge smartphone.


  • amal ジョー amal ジョー
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    I really hoped Nokia will stick with existing form-factors for every series like other manufacturers. sadly all of them were launched with 6"+ screens.

  • Spartacus Spartacus
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  • Lawrence JB Lawrence JB
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    Huge phones are the current trend. HMD don't go behind specs but when it comes to bringing the latest, they are also following other manufacturers. Notch, gimmicky quad camera setup, bigger phones etc. Mostly no one likes these features. But that's what it is.

  • vels vels
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    HMD will do, only if competitors release compact smartphones.

    Removing the bottom bezels with Nokia logo on the front also increase the size of the display with reduced bezels around the screen. 150mm height with 6.2in display is good enough compact phone.

  • amal ジョー amal ジョー
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    Pixel 4, 4a, 5, Asus Zenfone 8, iPhone 11 and 12 and 12 mini are all kind of compact phones. Sony is launching one for some markets. They're all selling well. Maybe compact phones are difficult and more expensive to make. It will be great if half of the models by Nokia has a smaller display. Like if G10 was smaller than G20, X10 smaller than X20 etc...

  • md45 md45
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  • n2652 n2652
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    Unfortunately that is the tendency.

  • Rahim3 Rahim3

    All the companies are follow the trend and the customer requirements. Maybe Nokia take a shift in promoting something unique.

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