Why is my Nokia 2.4 always hanging

My Nokia 2.4 is always hanging

Why is my Nokia 2.4 always hanging

Sammy abaya Sammy abaya
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My Nokia 2.4 is always hanging


  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Check if your phone storage is full. If it is full then you will need to free up some space which will improve the performance. Maybe clear app data of apps like Facebook which take a lot of space. Using lite versions of the popular apps will also help in improving your phone's performance.

  • Mine has same issue since I updated to Android 11

  • javierperna javierperna
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    Mine (bought it AND updated to Android 11 the same day) sometimes becames laggy and unresponsive at lockscreen, the screen (not the device) turns on and off. If i allow it to do this crazy thing 4-5 times (its a 20 seconds span) it turns back to normal for itself. If otherwise i interfere, the phone reboots and shows the message i post here: "Can't load Android system.... you may need to perform a factory data reset"

  • Biodun Ibrahim Biodun Ibrahim
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    I don't know if it's all Nokia phones that exhibit this laggy syndrome or just this 2.4...i have to say here it's the worst phone I ever used...I don't think it went through quality control...it's so painful when shows a particular app not responding...even when calls come in you can't pick simply because the phone just hang.

  • Moses West Moses West

    You just have to change your device that is all

  • Sascha Schroeder Sascha Schroeder
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    Since Android 12 the Phone ist basicly unsuable,,,

  • cosmicfoxx cosmicfoxx
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    The worst device any company has ever made

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