We want symbian series 40 and symbian 60 in feature phone.

We want Symbian series 40 and Symbian 60 in feature phone. Guys support me and let's enjoy past again.


  • Hi I'm Imtiaz Malik from Qatar, requesting you to kindly provide me 1 to 20 LCD displays with strips of Nokia X3-00.

    The old Nokia phones was diamonds.

    I'm interested to buy these 20 new devices also.This Phone is so meaningful and very important for me, please help me out with this need and love.., even I'd get 1 device.

    Kindly respond to this request please and fullfil my need, I'll be very thankful to you and all the Nokia team.. 

    Love You Nokia

  • duberry
    duberry ✭✭
    edited September 2022

    Symbian was better than KaiOS but WhatsApp stopped supporting it so not sure what will happen now. Symbian 40 was much better than 60. They’re not going to bring any of them back because I don’t think Microsoft sold those rights as they were effectively defunct.

    The best bet is HMD get WhatsApp to develop a s30+ version so they don’t need KaiOS and as KaiOS 3 doesn’t support WhatsApp then whats the point in KaiOS might as well use any feature phone.

    We need a feature phone with WhatsApp for it to work. Even on s30+