New naming Series?

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I heard rumours of Nokia/HMD changing the naming Series of their new smartphones to something Like G x.(x =numbers)

To be on point i don't think that the ongoing naming scheme is bad . It is exceptionally better then other smartphone brands like 1+, Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo. Those brands Naming a smartphone confuses me everytime.

And i would say it's been a long time since i saw a good and understandable naming Series.

Nokia 1.x

Nokia 2.x

Nokia 3.x

Nokia 4.x

Nokia 5.x

Nokia 6.x

Nokia 7.x

Nokia 8.x

Nokia 9.x

These all lineups are representing a group. And the only person who can't understand these namings is hardly surprising for me if that person is from *america* (sorry) 😅.

Please let me know that Nokia is sticking with the ongoing x.x naming Series.

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    And on the contrary, I strongly believe that the current naming was bad. Here are a few of my reasons.

    1. To pronounce a dot (or point) is itself a bad part of the naming. Maybe it is not so to write. But when you say "I want to buy a Nokia 8 dot 3", how do you feel? Don't you think it should be improved? Compare it to "I want to buy a Nokia X6" - X6 was the name of Nokia 6.1 Plus that they sold in China. Similarly, Nokia 8.1 was Nokia X7, Nokia 5.1 Plus was Nokia X5. Which of the two do you think are better to be used in day-to-day communication and marketing?
    2. Social media is all about hashtags and the dot in the name doesn't go along with hashtags. What HMD's current marketing is using is something like this "#Nokia5Dot4". Once again, these hashtags are hard to promote and regular users would have a hard time deciding which hashtags to use where. A general user will do #Nokia5.4, and this hashtag will stop with Nokia5 because periods aren't consumed in hashtags.
    3. Another reason why this type of naming is bad is that a newer number will outshine the former of different series. For example, when they launch the Nokia 5.4; the Nokia 8.3 already starts feeling like it is a last-gen device because their latest generation is x.4.
    4. Continuing on the #3, there's no way to fit more devices without changing the generation. For example, hmd tends to launch the fastest updates of devices to the Nokia 2 series. It is the only series which has had all generations - Nokia 2, Nokia 2.1, Nokia 2.2, Nokia 2.3, Nokia 2.4. Now, if you look at the gap between the launch of Nokia 2.3 and Nokia 2.4 and compare that to other launches, you'll see that it is becoming harder for hmd to add more devices to the same series without making it sound like generations ahead - which then forces them to skip generations on other models. For example, the Nokia 8.2 was skipped and Nokia 8.3 happened. If they had a series like that of Lumia where they could add the Nokia Lumia 520 and Nokia Lumia 525 in the same generation, they could save their other series from sounding older. And when they are finally ready to launch a brand new generation, skip to Lumia 530 along with Lumia 730/830/930.

    I am not saying that their choice of G10, H10 & X10 is amazing. But I do feel that they will have fewer issues and more space for minor upgrades in that kind of a series.

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    I used to say (.) Point

    Like Nokia 6Point1

    Because to me dot doesn't go well with the name.

    And i agree with you on almost everything.

    And Thanks for the reply @singhnsk