OMG! Kiaos OS is 2016 old!

Last July, I put my banana phone to cold storage (because my son hand-me-down his old iP SE) but a few days ago, this clip caught my interest (

OMG! Kiaos OS is 2016 old!

abbas abbas
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Last July, I put my banana phone to cold storage (because my son hand-me-down his old iP SE) but a few days ago, this clip caught my interest ( It was an eye opener to the real actions behind the scene which KaiOS Tech was reluctant to highlight in my queries. So now, I know there is possibility of the banana phone being bank website compatible along with my favourite request that the printscreen feature be made possible. I hope Mozilla and KaiosTech start cracking rather than just smoke the peace pipe since last March. I "heard" they are now testing the alpha version of the upgrade OS but as we all know after alpha comes beta etc. etc. I was kind of sad to know KaiOS Tech have not even made any announcement about its progress eventhough there may be hiccups here and there which is understandable.

Well, I most certainly will not think of being buying a new battery replacement and make it function as a backup phone or at least until OS Ver 3.0 is out because for some strange reason yesterday (Down Memory Lane) my Nokia, even after 2 factory resets (the power button way) it seem to have lost key Google apps and even WhatsApp is neither in the Store although the OS is Ver 2.5.1. Mine needs a new case after the inner navigator button chipped its lower portion and certain keypads namely the regular uses i.e. "4" and RETURN buttons became sticky.

I am still passionate about the Nokia 8110 4G, love to bring it along jogging because of its size but we shall see what this Mozilla-KaiOS partnership can bring in the future.


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    Hi @abbas even if KaiOS gets to the next major version, I do not expect old devices to get it as an update. It makes no commercial sense and somehow that is all KaiOS (company) aims for.

    Very likely you will be needed to get your hands on a new KaiOS powered Nokia Originals family phone to get the latest in the world of KaiOS. That said, I'd rather wish that HMD does not build another phone running on KaiOS given how sluggish and buggy they can get. It is better to try on some other lighter operating systems around, such as Sailfish OS.

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    HI singhnsk

    KaiOS Tech told me they have a condition where any interested app developer must make app hardware compatible as we see now. I believe from the Mozilla-KaiOS partnership they signed last March, Mozilla will do the same and we may see a Firefox browser and other things but one does not know whether the lag issue behind the scene is cash or something else.

    I believe KaiOS has the potential to come up with variants for more powerful hardware but whether it is something Google may not want is another issue, after all $22 million donation is not without other holistic objectives.

    Anyway, interesting point.

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