Nokia 8000 4G now has chat on Whatsapp

Like title says. My 8000 4G can now do voice calls on Whatsapp using WiFi or cellular data. I wonder if this the same for other KaiOS phones. I'll dig out my 8110 4G later and try it.


  • Keith
    Keith ✭✭✭

    Update. Voice chat not available for the Nokia 8110 4G.

  • Can you get this phone anymore Keith?

    The mobiwire onidea is going out of stock soon. Got an Alcatel 3088x but kaios does have faults with it and no updates so still Even though the phone has got 512MB Ram it still does not have WhatsApp calling.

    In fact if kaios 3 doesn’t get WhatsApp then kaios is dead as a dodo

  • Keith
    Keith ✭✭✭

    @duberry not available anymore only via second on eBay or Amazon which could be fake versions. KaiOS seems to be on the way out with Nokia sticking with S30+

  • duberry
    duberry ✭✭
    edited September 19

    Sorry meant the 8000 would want to have WhatsApp calling. Seems odd to drop kaios. Looks like it’s dead. No updates, bugs that aren’t updated even if the update is available.

    Seems weird that HMD would drop the 8000 only a year after making it

    Do you think the oneida is worth it? I remember you having it Keith and it did WhatsApp calling

    Don’t even mind s30 if it got a basic WhatsApp version like kaios.

  • Keith
    Keith ✭✭✭

    The Mobiwire was good for WhatsApp as it ran on Android. There are other Android based T9 phones which also have a basic Android on as well, such as the Doro 7010. This is from a UK perspective.

    I sold my Nokia 8000 4G as it was so slow and laggy and wasn't any fun to use.

  • I’ve heard the 8000 isn’t that good and just too laggy. Thanks for that Keith. I think I’ll try the oneida. It’s a shame that. The 3088x is a good phone but it only had one update that seemed to have added more bugs than before. It’s stuck on

    Can you remember Keith whether WhatsApp calling was on the oneida and whether it had VoLTE? I know you sold it a long time ago. 😉. Just wish they’re were some better phones with Kaios. It always seems laggy and my 3088x doesn’t support WhatsApp calling despite having 512MB ram. It’s so frustrating.

  • Keith
    Keith ✭✭✭
    edited September 25

    @duberry WhatsApp calling and WhatsApp video calling was available. Can't remember if VoLTE was available