Where is the Innovation?

Why is Nokia playing it safe? What happened to the once bold Nokia that took Asia and Europe by storm? Why not start asserting dominance again?

Where is the Innovation?

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Why is Nokia playing it safe? What happened to the once bold Nokia that took Asia and Europe by storm? Why not start asserting dominance again? Where are the flagship phones? Why only playing in the budget segment?

So I wanted to buy a new Nokia phone but the Nokia 8.3 5G isn't available yet in my country. There's some really budget ones available like the 5.x series. The C series which is the absolute started phone series. The rumoured G series.

One thing is clear now that is Nokia isn't making a flagship, much less a flagship killer. The 9 PureView looked great and there was hype for it as well. The software and the support on the camera department was just unfair. But one failure doesn't mean that the company should just back down from making flagship phones.

Be bold and take a chance and release the 9.3 PureView already. By the time you guys, actually announce it, it'll be a 1.5 years old hardware and at that point there'll be something even better available. Don't be complacent.

The budget series again doesn't offer nearly offer the specifications that it's competition does. To this Nokia might say that their build is what they charge you a premium for. Couple of years ago, I would've believed you. Back then the phones were built like a tank and of aluminium and a few of glass. Now all are polycarbonate.

I'm criticizing you for what might one day be the downfall of the new Nokia. I miss the old Nokia. It's not that I don't like Nokia. I want to give you guys my money. I want a good phone with flagship specifications even if it costs flagship amount of money.

And please stop with the basic, started phones and budget phones which can't be called budget phones at all. A budget phone should be something that can beat or compete with the likes of the OnePlus Nord, Mi 10i, etc. In that $400-450 price point. Maybe charge upto $500, if the hardware inside or the build deserves it.

No one likes a screen which is only 720p. No matter if it has HDR10 support. The resolution as well as the type of screen used matters. That brings me to my next. I haven't seen many AMOLED screen phones by (new) Nokia at all. Maybe a couple but that's all.

Nokia isn't even bringing any 5G ready phones to their lineup. The new Snapdragon SoC have made 5G more affordable if anything. So why isn't Nokia bringing 5G to smartphones.

It feels like the focus of hmd has shifted from the Nokia smartphone buisness to the network technologies buisness like their 5G Antenna Equipment. Since they are experts in that field, that is another reason to have a whole lineup of 5G ready devices.

Then comes their flavor of Android, sure stock Android and plain vanilla android never gets old or tiring but it gets pretty stale. Why not explore different Software Skins Interface and Experiences? Something to compete and beat the MiUI, OneUI and other possible competitions. Maybe bring back Metro design, Flat style is pretty popular, I don't see why Metro won't be. At least, bring it as an alternative to the normal if you guys are wary of taking chances. Having your own custom UI may get people to recognise the individualness of your phones. Samsung never gave up and learn from their TouchWiz days. And they've come a long way. So has MiUI. Start experimenting again.

Give it sometime to mature. Don't just start pulling the cord on innovative ideas if they don't initially do well.

Come back like the sleeping giants of the past. Dominate and conquer. Take over the market sales shares. I know R&D also the experimentation needs more funds and various other resources. But you need to keep trying and your loyal fans, brand name and the market shall respond to you in kind and return.



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    This is not Nokia but HMD, so don't expect anything great from them. HMD had failed in bringing anything great from the once mighty Nokia from the past. Even they are busy now rolling out updates to only entry level devices save Nokia 8.3 and Nokia 8.1.

    Only Nokia can come back as Nokia, which may not happen again. So move on, your dream won't fulfill with this dumb company.

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