Android 11 on Nokia 2.3

Hello Nokia 2.3 users,

Great news for you, the rollout for Android 11 starts now!

To provide a smooth rollout, we dispatch the Update in Waves.

Wave 1 includes:

  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Hong Kong
  • Iceland
  • Latvia
  • Laos
  • Lithuania
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Nepal
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sweden
  • Vietnam

10% of these approved markets will receive the update immediately, 50% by April 10th, and on April 12th, 100% of these markets will have received the Android 11 update.

You can check out our FAQ on Waves and approved Markets -here-

Stay tuned for an announcement on when Wave 2 of the update begins to roll out!



  • When is UK getting it

  • Lawrence JB
    Lawrence JB ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2021

    Please don't do this, you're actually disappointing fans like me who stood by the brand during the good and bad times. My Nokia 5.3 has display retention problem and camera autofocus problem and I expect that A11 will do some wonders but you guys are not bothered to release the update sooner and it's still running Feb security patch. Today's 7th of April!!

  • Real problem is patience

  • Lawrence JB
    Lawrence JB ✭✭✭✭

    I agree, but HMD has a responsibility in giving us users a revised A11 roadmap right?

  • Hope UK is in wave 2

  • Nokia hmd should hurry up, how slow for god, we are waiting for android 11 and on the other hand they are launching the developer preview of android 12, how is that possible? 

  • Buenas tardes, los que habéis instalado android 11, habéis notado una mejora en el dispositivo? Léase, congelación de pantalla, aplicaciones que se cierran, problemas con la cámara...etc.


  • Can we please get the ability to unlock bootloader? :pray:

  • Why do you need to unlock it?

  • Sanjo
    Sanjo ✭✭

    Well done all, have not seen any discussion from anyone on this platform who has installed the new android 11 and unfortunately it has not been sent to my Nokia 2.3, is the update truly available

  • since i updated my nokia 2.3 it keeps on resetting, what should i do with this. i can do nothing with my phone now.

  • Well, because I want to install magix in order to have root access (so I will be able to purge Gapps for example)

  • Buenos días, alguien sabe en que fecha se actualizará a android 11 en España y repito la pregunta anterior ¿Se solucionan los bugs y los problemas de camara? Gracias

  • My 2.3 just got the update notification this morning haha. But right know I'm using the 5.4 so I don't have the need to upgrade to Android 11 on 2.3 as it almost runs out of memory 😂

  • It is also glitching and some features don't work.....In mine bubbles are not working in WhatsApp 😔

  • Since upgrading to Android 11, I have lost wifi repeater functionality and the phone freezes often.

    How do I get back the wifi repeater functionality?

  • The Nokia 2.3 update to Android 11 has big problems with phone storage. Apps on my phone report storage is full. This happened immediately after Android 11 installed itself as part of the regular software update process.

    Can Nokia fix this issue asap?

    By the way, I considered buying a new Nokia but I note they are on Android 10. This means I must go through **** again. No Way!

    Please fix, Mr Nokia.


  • Great thanks.... it's really screwed my phone up. Apps keep crashing and phone keeps restarting. Don't they ever test these updates before releasing them??

  • Am I the only one who's getting system crashes constantly even after performing hard resets several times? The phone is barely usable and its driving me nuts

  • Great .. but every thing gone wrong.

    Once I update the system to Android 11 phone keep restarting, apps crashed and phone become useless.

    Need urgent solution.

  • I'm from Nigeria & I have updated my Nokia 2.3 to Android 11. So far so good, everything is working fine, but I can no longer change my app icon shape & color in Developer Settings and I cannot see an option to add apps or tasks in the Power Menu.

    Please I need help!!!

  • When is nokia 2.4 receiving android 11

  • Diala Tech.
    Diala Tech. ✭✭
    edited April 2021

    Hey Nokia 2.3 Android R is still kicking!

    I've been able to change my app icon shape (inclusive of the 3 brought to Android 11), color & font (using ADB shell commands) and I've also been able to add tasks to my Power Menu.

    I guess I got the Stable Version of Android 11 on my 2.3, everything is working fine 💯

  • Has anyone got the Android 11 update for Nokia 2.3 in India? Or any idea when it is expected

  • As a veteran of the IT community since 1994 (now retired), I can say that the move from AOS 10 to AOS 11 has been awful.

    This little 2.3 had run like a swiss watch on 10.

    It now runs like a Mickey Mouse watch on 11! Crashes, screen freezes, battery monitoring app malfunctioning, the list goes on and on. I wish I had 10 back! After so many patches and revisions, you'd think the programmers would have 11 right by now. Nope. Nothing to do but wait for the next patch, and see if it gets any better.

    What an ecosystem; 11 is due to follow Windows 2000, Vista, ME, 8.0 and possibly 10 at this point!

    The Support has been fairly decent; unfortunately, either Nokia or Android One has not been able to get out a decent release yet for the 2.3 due to internal problems, or the fact that 11 is just a dog.

    Will just have to wait and suffer until the next patch. :(

  • Since I updated my Nokia 2.3 to Android 11 I have got I've had hot lot of issues and a lot of problems with my cell phone. Right now oh I found out but it's not possible for me to save audio messages on WhatsApp or telegram I reinstalled both applications on I couldn't fix the problem so that is another issue I've got to add to the list of problems I've had since I got the new Android version

  • Things seem to be getting a bit better, with intermittent screen freezes still being the main issue. I never thought that software, hardware and firmware needed time to "burn in", but I am not an AOS expert.

    One thing that is of note is that when using the"Files"app, there seems to almost always to be a ton of duplicate API log files popping up needing to be removed. Don't remember this from 10. Read somewhere that this new .log file was to aid Devs. It self truncates at about 1.7 gb, but why it generates so many duplicate files (50, 75,100+) of such small size (38 bytes) is just weird, especially since Files recommends deleting them. Odd, very odd.

    Is the Play Store or HMD/Nokia downloading mini-patches in the middle of the night?

    As Groucho Marx said,

    "Any questions? Any answers?"

  • Lawrence JB
    Lawrence JB ✭✭✭✭

    First of all you guys need to understand, this phone comes with only a quadcore processor and has only 2 GB RAM. This should have been an Android Go device, instead it's not. So first of all the performance was very very bad and now A11 made the experience worse.

    So there's no solution, instead we have to deal with it by ourself. This is bound to happen, when you trust this brand with no reason whatsoever.

  • Lawrence JB
    Lawrence JB ✭✭✭✭

    While capable devices are getting piled up without A11, HMD is busy rolling out updates for entry level devices, which makes the experience very bad for those poor people who bought these devices trusting the name of the brand.